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  1. The only way you're going to know which piece of software is best for you is by downloading demos/trials and having a play around. My suggestions would be Reaper, Cubase Essential (since its cheaper) and FL Studio. However there are others you can try like Sonar, Zynewave Podium, Ableton Live etc.
  2. I tend to not limited myself by genre. I prefer making music based on the idea(s) i have meaning I can utilize any tricks at my disposal. However there's nothing wrong with having a focus on particular styles, I just like to explore what I can do.
  3. Hello, I'm Orrin (a.k.a ap3xultima)I'm 24 and am based in the UK, specifically Wales. I discovered this site back in 2005, around the time the Doom remix album was released, and only now getting into the forums due part to my shyness. I've been making music for a while but got more serious into it around 2006 by going to college and university, the latter which I finished about 5 months ago. Education it seems has boosted my confidence. I make music based on an the idea rather than limiting myself to particular music styles etc. It makes for a more fluid workflow and whether I should be doing this or that, of course in the end music has no rights or wrongs. I have been an avid video game fan from an early age and find it is the best entertainment medium overall. Its soundtracks as well as whatever my dad enjoyed listening to, is what caught my interest in music production and composition. As a final thought, my favourite game of all time despite being a PC gamer, is Gunstar Heroes.
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