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  1. This is an idea I had for a friend of mines Super Metroid hack. His hack, Super Metroid Fear, is going to be the one of the biggest SM hacks created by anyone so far, only smaller than Super Zero Mission and Redesign, but Fear is still growing. Just in case anyone wasn't sure, we are looking for remixes of tracks taken from the 2-d Metroid games soundtracks.,181.0.html This is the topic on Metroid Construction, the Super Metroid hacking forum, about his hack. http://metroidrevival.freeforums.ORG Anyone who is signing up for a track should notify me and register here, as this is where most of the album discussion will take place We are looking for a companion soundtrack that will be around 20-25 songs. We plam for plenty of fun remixes, for all to enjoy, with some boss themes and triumphant music interspersed throughout. As time goes on I will be updating this topic with a lot more info as to what we are looking for. Anyone who wants to try their hand can post here or contact me at . Thanks for your time! EDIT: Here are the feels we are looking for for each area. KERO SEWERS: Landing site. Beginning of a vast adventure. Shortly feeling accomplished, and then breaking down into a lost memory. Second area, very mysterious, and sudden terror. No safety, very on-edge. TERMINA: Veryearthy.Prettystraightforward and then opens up. Sense of exploration. Disapointment. Second section, extremely dangerous and weird. Odd, creepy feeling. Thinking something should be happening, but nothing does. Third area. BUBBLES! The world is turned upside down. Determination, and triumph. TEMPLE VOID: Thrill of exploration, feeling relativelysafe for a little bit. Suddenly goes into overloaded danger. The confidence and new found hope and desire to delve deeper. UNDERWORLD:Lotsofdetermination involved here. There is a sense of exploration as well, but I would say more focused here. This is probably a straightforward run to reach whatever the goal is.Second area: Veryjungly. Lots of danger, lots of different paths to take. Confusion would be a pretty good description. ESCAPE: Panic! Running, rising danger, and pure panic. THE HOLLOW: Caves. Claustrophobic. Dark and gloomy. Lost and completely isolated. Second area: Exotic. Very, veryweirdthings being seen.Probablya little confused. Unexpected. WARP ZONE: Open,spacey,and mechanical. Sortoflikea futuristic transportation system. Bosses are all generally deadly, and you can run into one pretty much anywhere. Some will be surprising, and many will cause the player to think along different lines. A couple are going to be nuclear, death will happen quickly, just depends on whether Samus or the boss dies first. And they are all very,veryoverpowered. Further information about the bosses will be given in a more private setting.
  2. Problem is it's still gonna be a little while before it's done.
  3. I'm a bit upset I didn't finish my track in time. Ah well, maybe another week.
  4. I would love to try as well, if this is still open.
  5. Last night I had an idea for a Tetris remix that would be very interesting. I would record a spoken word poem about the tetriminos, as odd as that sounds, while a jazzy remic of the tetris theme played in the background. If you are interested, I'm looking for a mixer who can make the background tune, and put the track together, if possible.
  6. Here we have . This theme is the definition of cold to me. The main amd mostly only instrument is a synth that sounds so cold I get chills down my spine just hearing it. The other sound that plays during it is the sound of the nightmare flying in the background, which sends a whole different chill down my spine.This song plays in the coldest area in any Metroid game, essentially a trip through the world's largest freezer, and it shows
  7. Could i please be changed to DrevanZero?
  8. Hello, I'm DrevanZero, aka Poke2mon3. I am planning to enter the world of Metroid remixes, as it is by far my favorite series of all time. I am actually planning to begin work on a Mother Brain (SM) mix today.