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  1. My jaw literally dropped when I saw that this album was available and I'm still in awe as I'm downloading it. I want to congratulate and thank all the artists, backers, anyone who contributed to this project. I'm sure you people have poured your hearts and souls into making this and I'm excited to listen your creations. Although I wasn't able to back the project I can at least offer my bandwidth (Gotta keep an eye on my monthly cap) to OC Remix. I think this is going to be the best Canada Day ever! Also, I think Jose did a better trailer for Unbalanced and Ruined.
  2. Woooow, this is wonderful to hear. I had thought for sure that Square Enix had stonewalled OC Remix here. Man, I don't know what kind of negotiations were going on but they must have been intense. I'll be looking forward to the project when it comes online.
  3. Do you mean a sequel to Chrono Cross? Hell yeah! Maybe we should resurrect that "Chrono Break" rumour... I hope it's nothing serious. I don't know what a project that's been suspended looks like but if that's what happened then according to Kickstarter themselves they don't reverse them.
  4. By the way whoever wrote the text on the Kickstarter page is AWESOME! It was a rush just reading it. I'll try giving to the project if I can work things out.
  5. Okay, I shall wade into this. Whoo I love the internet. Hmm... profit has a few differing meanings but that works; income minus expenditure. I think what is causing consternation is that it has a capitalistic nuance in its meaning. OC Remix is a non-profit organization (nobody lives off it) therefore it causes ambiguity to apply that term to its finances. Consider a term with equivalent meaning but with a different perception: surplus. In this particular situation it may be more appropriate to use this term just like governments do. Unless of course people think that OC Remix is not a non-profit organization. Can't help there. OC Remix is intending to print 1,500 copies actually. Apparently the reward limit listed in the project home is an unfixable mistake. Other than that... I think people are not 100% sure what the purpose of the fundraiser is. I can't speak for the staff, and correct me if I'm wrong please, but the money is for the physical production plus the distribution of the albums to those who gave enough money in addition to supporting OC Remix with its ongoing costs.Let's do some analysis. The FF6 album is going to be released free digitally. I make the assumption that it still would be released if the Kickstarter project never reached it's goal. It'd probably be a little "worse" but we'd still be able to listen to it eventually. There would however be no physical albums for anyone unless OC Remix decided to produce some at its own cost. Of course the fundraiser has been a run away success so OC Remix will be producing all 1,500 (because Kickstarter is all-or-nothing) albums at the close of the fundraiser (August 9). This is where it gets a little wonky. Had all its backers pledged less than $50, the amount required to receive a physical album, OC Remix would still have ended up with 1,500 albums in its possession. They would ship some to the project artists and that's it. That would mean that shipping costs would come nowhere near the estimated $6,500 allocated (unless the companies gouge the hell outta them) according to the funding breakdown posted by zircon. So this project is in a strange situation. Its target funding was heavily determined by the reward system, something highly variable in nature. Even if they had just raised exactly $15,000, and nobody contributed enough for a physical album, OC Remix would have a significant surplus resulting from this Kickstarter project. I'm not a staff member so everything I wrote could be wrong. Sorry in that case. Most importantly there will be 1,500 albums made with a varying number distributed right?
  6. Ditto.I've been wondering for quite some time now when OC Remix would tackle my favourite game in the series after seeing FF4, FF5, and FF7 albums released. The artists' work is much appreciated and I'm looking forward to the release of this album.
  7. Hi, I'm not sure if this is the best place to post this but when I download the OC02328 track 'Thunderstruck' my download manager tells me there is a mismatch in the MD5 checksum. I tried all four mirrors (gah...) and they all end up in a mismatch. I don't have an application to calculate a MD5 checksum so I can't post the file's checksum and 7-zip only seems to give CRC checksums of some kind plus a SHA-256 hash (which can't even be highlighted). I use my download manager whenever hashes or checksums are offered although since it looks like nobody has mentioned anything it's probably just a minor issue with the posted MD5.
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