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  1. This remix is very energetic and does rather remind me of gran turismo and a couple other racing games. The way the 2 songs are mixed together practically makes its own stage/act track yet retains elements of each of the used stage/act themes at the same time. I can't help but listen to this remix more than once. I'm also looking forward to trying this remix out on audiosurf as its energy and variety should make for a nice ride. Great work!
  2. 10TAC/L newrons, will they ever be a reality?

  3. I'm usually not a big fan of slower, calmer type songs but this song is one I would not only just listen to and enjoy but keep the song on repeat for quite some time. It has a San d'Oria feel but at the same time very relaxing and enjoying. A excellent mix in my books!
  4. I see, I have no idea whether this version is cracked or not since its on a computer that was given to me by a friend when he got his new one. I take in unwanted computers that people dont want anymore no matter how old they are.I have 6 or 7 computers in this house now, and Im getting some more(as many as I can take) from someone who owns a computer business.
  5. I have an issue with FL Studio Producer Edition v5.02. When I go to save my project as a Fruity Loops loop file, it dont save it right. All I get is a file with the name i chose and a file size of 0. If I save it as a zipped loop file the loop file in the zip is also 0 on its file size in the zip. If I save as a mp3 or wav file Im just fine. What is causing this and how can I fix it? Im very sorry if this question has been asked before in this thread but my internet connection has been really slow lately so it wouldve taken me forever to look through all 160+ pages of this thread to see if it
  6. I really liked this remix because it brought back old memories of when I first played Moon Patrol. It's very nicely done in accapella. Now I want to buy the arcade version because I want to play Moon Patrol again.
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