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  1. Ys 3 had some of the best music in the entire series, and the Genesis did the very best job of bringing that sound to consoles (The original PC tracks are my personal favorites). This does that song great justice. Well put together, well performed, well played.
  2. For the record, I usually delete every DKC remix I come upon, as I pretty much universally hate that game, its music and its remixes. This song alone survived throughout the years. It is... "Hauntingly empathetic". Yes.
  3. Not really a huge fan of Rock Remixes (Heard 90 thousand of them, they tend to blend together in my head, etc). That said, this was a solid effort. Lots of good memories, and SHITTY memories, I got SO PISSED at this game. This... is the same as the source, and yet it is different. I like this a lot. Sick guitars, mang.
  4. I just cursed out loud at how completely sweet this track is. I got them chills up 'n down muh spine. Been awhile since a track on OCR did that to me. Incredible.
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