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  1. Light, upbeat, and got that summertime feel. Catchy lyrics and some solid arranging. Catches the feel of Outset Island perfectly, in my opinion. I don't know about you guys, but I'm pretty much instantly in love with this one.
  2. This song pretty much blew my mind the first time I gave it a listen through. Somewhere approaching the triple digits on playthroughs, it hasn't changed in my esteem. The instrumental play could be a little cleaner, but for how awesome a job these guys did and how much energy went into their performance, I can hardly complain. They took an ultra-repetitive track from my childhood, strapped it with brass and aggressive guitar and blew me out of the water with it. I definitely dug the approach taken with the vocal line, making Armored Armadillo sound bitter and resentful, but ultimately accepting of his lot in life. It added a lot of character to what was before just a boss fight and a shiny new gun. I'll admit, without the lyrics in front of me some spots were a little hard to understand (and were before with Ska Buffet, but not important), but the overall feel and execution was spot on. This was a piece with awesome pacing, high energy even in the mellow sections, and mind numbingly nostalgic to mine ears. Besides my few little hangups, I have nothing but praise for this extremely well done arrangement. Stay classy Plaid Muffins.
  3. Here is a link to the official Majora's Mask Musical:


  4. I would be honored to have you work on the Majora's Mask Musical project with me! I will be posting a official recruiting post soon, be sure to look for it!

  5. I am a music student (classical vocalist, as it were), and I've been bouncing an idea like this around quite a bit. I never got to play Majora's Mask back in the day, but the few snippets of music I have heard from it definitely supports the lyrical qualities necessary to write vocal music with it. If you ever find the people to get this going, send me a message. I know a ton of vocalists who love Zelda (and have already performed some via Video Games Live in New Orleans) who would be ecstatic to do something like this.