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  1. Hey fellow OC ReMixers! I wanted to share the first episode in my new YouTube series, Game Audio Analysis. As a composer and sound designer for video games, I'll be using these videos to share knowledge, tips, and tricks for other aspiring game audio professionals. I'm starting out with some basic ideas, but I'll gradually be moving on to topics that are more advanced. New episodes will be posted weekly! If you have any questions or just want to get in touch, leave a comment below. You can also reach out to me via PM, Twitter, and my website. Thanks guys, and I'm curious to hear what all of you think!
  2. Hey everyone, I'm trying to submit my first work to OCR and I need a little help. I've been producing an upbeat jazz rearrangement of Cody's Theme from Street Fighter Alpha 3. I'm looking for a male vocalist, preferable with a relatively lower voice to sing on this track. I have written lyrics already, but you are welcome to have input on them as well. I can provide a demo of the vocal line with my own voice and the music to go with it. Please message me if you are interested!
  3. Hey, I made this nickname a while ago when I first joined the OCR forums. However, I don't really use "Swidt" anymore online. Could you please change it to "Mike Thalbain". Thanks!
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