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  1. Rarely do I like a rock remix. This is a good one to be sure... I loved Wily Meets Flashman (One of my favorites), and Mattias Holgmgren does a good job at turning it into a rock remix... good job man
  2. Gau's theme is my favorite song in Final Fantasy VI, mainly because it's a touching melody. McVaffe is one of my favorite remixers on this site, mainly because his talent is incredible, and I became hooked with his Ryu (Street Fighter 2) remix... Also, I love the simplicity of just putting a great game song to piano melody (Shout out to Spekkosaurus on his Earthbound remix)... So, I'm sure you can see how much of a review I'm going to give this piece... This is one of those rare songs that I feel is an extention of what the original composer had in mind... Gau's theme does not fit techno music
  3. This is a truly awesome remix. Every once and a while I hear a remix that could effectively replace the original song in all aspects, and I believe McVaffe has done this. If Street Fighter 2 were made today, I hope they would consider using this for their Ryu Theme music. It works that well. Anyone who remembers playing in Ryu's Dojo in Street Fighter 2 can understand what I mean when I say that. McVaffe outdid himself on this one I think...
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