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  1. Rarely do I like a rock remix. This is a good one to be sure... I loved Wily Meets Flashman (One of my favorites), and Mattias Holgmgren does a good job at turning it into a rock remix... good job man
  2. Gau's theme is my favorite song in Final Fantasy VI, mainly because it's a touching melody. McVaffe is one of my favorite remixers on this site, mainly because his talent is incredible, and I became hooked with his Ryu (Street Fighter 2) remix... Also, I love the simplicity of just putting a great game song to piano melody (Shout out to Spekkosaurus on his Earthbound remix)... So, I'm sure you can see how much of a review I'm going to give this piece... This is one of those rare songs that I feel is an extention of what the original composer had in mind... Gau's theme does not fit techno music, and to put it to techno would be revolting... The song is a bit short though, but this is a song that works perfectly well just to sit and put on repeat for an hour or two, it's that great... 10/10 on this one definately.
  3. This is a truly awesome remix. Every once and a while I hear a remix that could effectively replace the original song in all aspects, and I believe McVaffe has done this. If Street Fighter 2 were made today, I hope they would consider using this for their Ryu Theme music. It works that well. Anyone who remembers playing in Ryu's Dojo in Street Fighter 2 can understand what I mean when I say that. McVaffe outdid himself on this one I think...
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