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  1. Silent Hill hmm? Well, I'm too scared to play those kinds of games (Except Resident Evil 2 and Eternal Darkness.. that was almost like an action/shooter game. still freaky at times though) I can't say that I like the gameplay elements in Silent Hill though.. like most survival horror games, the gameplay itself usually isn't the selling point.. But the series IS spooky though.. lots of witches and summoning demons and such.
  2. Seriously one of the most fun and tropical sounding mix in the entire OCR site I've been listening this track for atleast a year and it never really got old. That must mean the track has enough twist and turns for it to not sound repetitive. Kudos!
  3. I listened this remix a long time ago, but I must now say how it aged so well! One of the better aged remixes I can remember from this site! It's epecially cool considering that a TUTORIAL music of all things has been remixed from FFT! Lot of kudos! Technically, there aren't too many anomalies that takes away from the entire piece. It's just fun listen!
  4. Sorry to say, since this is only a part of the collaboration, something seems out of place.. Maybe with the other pieces coming together, this would be a nice intro. But as a standalone, it seems a bit flat. Like most intros to the actual body of music..
  5. Simply awesome.. For one, it's rare to even find SNK remixes, so there's a plus. Also, I like the tinny sound samples! It's very reminiscent of SNK music! Just a very, very listenable SNK remix. Nuff said!
  6. In my opinion, this is a very nicely done folk music mix! There's a lot of guitar and light percussion and occasionally sounded like Irish folk! This is obviously not your typical techno oriented mix, and the soundsamples are top notch! Though other reviewers think the percussion was too low, I think it was perfect! Too much percussion would've made this something entirely different than was intended. Needless to say, the tones and the samples were outstanding in this mix! Recommended!
  7. In full context, this remix sounds quite funky and that must be what Beatdrop wanted to accomplish. At times sounding like something straight out of a videogame (in terms of simplistic melodies and scratchy effects of the music quality), sometimes sounding like a funky backdrop of a rap music (near the middle, there's a nice beat reminiscent of a cool little jazz/rap melody), and at times it started sounding ORCHESTRAL! My only gripe is how the mix ends a bit abruptly, but that's only a little gripe. I can't quite put a finger on categorizing this remix into a particular category like trance, rap-theme, pure techno and such, and that's the biggest compliment there is for this remix so far as I'm concerned. Fun little mix to say the least!
  8. Wow. To be blunt, this is like what One Winged Angel theme was to the simplistic Sephiroth theme in FF7. It's like Jared turned a normal run-of-the-mill theme then turned it into a final-boss theme. It does indeed sound like a professional work. The usage of the voice samples from FFX could have been used a bit more, but there's ample amount of them to remind us that this is a FFX remix and not an original orchestral work though there's some original tunes mixed in here. Nothing too jaw dropping, but I'm VERY impressed that Jared even bothered tacking the challenge of remixing a music in FFX, which wasn't exactly melody-heavy (As the little vocal piece shows.. that's one of the most memorable melodies in FFX in my opinion.. that says a lot about memorability of FFX's music.) Impressive.
  9. That's not that bad.. I'm pretty good at strategy games but it took me about 60 days to beat that one.. I just forsook strategy and let Sami (if you have Sami in the battle. probably did), send as many infantry up wards so they distracted the bombers and heavy tanks. You need to do a lot of baiting and not actual fighting.. of course, you need to fight when it comes down to it..
  10. Kintaro? I personally thought Kintaro was the toughest mutha I've ever fought in an SNES fighting game.. There's a sorta-reliable trick to defeating Shao Kahn in MK2. What you do is.. -In the beginning of the fight, backflip to the far left corner (or far right if you are using the 2nd player controls). -Once you're in the corner, immediately crouch-block. -Let Shao Kahn shoulder-charge you -Uppercut him as fast as you can. If for any reason you get pulled out of the corner, you simply need to go there again then uppercut Shao Kahn until he's finished. Just remember the crouch-block though. That's imperative. Unless of course, Shao does one of his kick/punch combos on you.. then you're screwed. No matter what you do
  11. Kill...me. Spoken like a true Iron Chef!
  12. Well, speaking of this remix as an atmospheric music, it gets its job done. It's slightly moody, and there are no notes or sounds that makes it sound abrupt in any way. I personally liked how it had many melodies from Chrono Cross, and that's the highlight of this remix for me. Other than that, this music is not intend to rock. This is a music best played as a background feature, NOT an entertaining listen. However, for being atmospheric, it gets the job done. Pretty good listen as long as you are not looking for something exciting.
  13. Wow! This is a nice remix of one particularly spooky Doom 2 level! In fact, when I first heard the tunes, it reminded me of the Cyberdemons and the imps! This remix sound pretty mean and it has enough variety to keep me from getting bored! Awesome remix! This is a yet another great Doom remix here in OCR.. from Mazedude no less!
  14. For what it does in being slow and having mellow sounds, it does its job greatly. In fact, I thought this particular OCRemix sounded a LOT like a FF7 instrumental piece.. And it truly sounds like something that could be in a soundtrack of an actual game! Besides that though, I think it moves a bit too slowly for my tastes... But if anybody's looking for atmospheric music, it's not so bad. Those wanting fast paced sounds and something risque and innovative could be disappointed, but this remix is not for those tastes. For what it does, it's a pretty good remix!
  15. One problem I have with this remix besides the muffled sounds: The remix VAGUELY sounds like a Zelda remix.. That being said, I was disappointed to not be able to pick up much Zelda tunes at all... Disappointing...
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