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  1. since it's done, when do you think we can expect to have it in our green, grubby mangled hands?
  2. awesome man, looking forward to it. can't stop listening to ergosonic's track he put on DoD. wish i could get a listen of hot for april. how soon after your final due date will the album be released you think?
  3. good to hear! glad to see it moving! mad props on this--my ipod can't wait!
  4. yes please! seriously looking forward to this one. i check to see if this thread is updated every week and love the preview! when will we see any updates on this bad boy?
  5. Dear AMT, have mah babiez. love, Benjamin ps: do you think you could provide an instrumental version of your song? would love to throw it onto my study playlist (i only listen to instrumental when studying).
  6. with all these dropouts, i'm hoping there will be another sonic remix compo to make up for them. ...yes, i'm aready thinking about the NEXT compo
  7. do you have a link to download the updated version? nice job! hope to see some more sonic remixes from you in the future!
  8. best remixer, hands down. thanks for making up the majority of my study playlist!!! can't wait to hear your next work (hope its sonic the hedgehog)!

  9. likewise--birthday was on friday, and this was such an awesome outstanding gift (i mean...aside from my sonic esp guitar)! seriously, fantastic work. i wanna give a massive props to DusK (love your generation gap EP--wish you had more sonic tunes! you're doing jun senoue proud!), AkumajoBelmont (seriously, I was listening to your song on my way to patient interviews. sick beats, awesome rhymes), Benjamin Briggs, and Main Finger. and of course, awesome job to everyone who's been participating. I can't wait to see what the robeatnik bracket pumps out--seriously gives me an incentive to look forward to at the end of the week with my massive workload! again, thanks for the amazing tunes and good luck to all!
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