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  1. I'd like to change my forum name from Cinctulus to Cinctulan. I made the switch everywhere else a pretty long time ago now and I think it's overdue. Thanks in advance!
  2. Noted. That bass is a very stretched and pitched part of the piano sample and I was definitely afraid it might clash with some of the other elements in the mix. I liked the way it filled out the lower frequencies and it sounded sort of lush through its muddiness, so I tried to make it work with some aggressive EQing. It sounds good to my less-than-ideal ears on my less-than-ideal setup, but it might be best to mess around with it a little more or replace it with something simpler. Thank you for the input, Timaeus
  3. I've been listening to a lot of vaporwave and similar stuff lately and I wanted to try my hand at the style. The FFVIII soundtrack makes me feel really nostalgic, so I sampled one of the songs that stuck out most in my memory. The end result is sample-heavy, a little repetitive, and not super ambitious (as you might expect), so I'm not really sure it's suited for mod review or anything like that, but I hope you enjoy! Constructive criticism is welcome. I was planning on releasing it (for free) with three other tracks on Bandcamp as-is, but if something is glaringly wrong, I'll need to make sure it's fixed before I put it up for DL. Original: Remix: https://soundcloud.com/cinctulan/ph38opv0isi0
  4. Thanks very much! I'm glad you enjoyed it, and I hope you like the rest of the tracks on the EP.
  5. Oh, hey! Thank you. I'm still flattered that you remixed my song, I really enjoyed it
  6. One of the best gaming memories of my childhood is playing Azure Dreams on GBC. It's a turn-based dungeon crawler with roguelike and monster-raising elements, and it's incredibly addictive. The awesome soundtrack composed by Hiroshi Tamawari has stuck with me for years...it never leaves my head. I noticed that there aren't any Azure Dreams related tracks on the site at all, so I thought I'd post a track I made out of samples from both the Playstation and GBC versions of the game. The source material (youtube videos, sorry): (Playstation) (GBC)My remix: Cinctulan - Azure Dreams
  7. Thanks for the feedback, chimpzilla. It's one of my favorite vgm tracks as well! I honestly wanted the sample slices to be in the forefront, although I agree that a lead instrument could be very cool. In my case, I think it'd take a good amount of effort to come up with a sound or melody that didn't disrupt the tone of the song, but I'm sure it's doable. I may have to give it a try When arranging the mix, the bass was the one thing that I thought would fit with the aesthetic I was going for. The song did turn out the way I originally wanted it to, but I definitely see where you're coming from. I may have been a little too subtle from the start. For my next remix (which may or may not be a second attempt at this source), I'll probably take a different, less sample-heavy approach to things. This is my first effort at both sampling and remixing material that I didn't write myself, and I got very excited at the idea of chopping up the source and writing an entire track with the slices for some reason.
  8. Thanks for the kind words, G-Mixer I was aware that the track wasn't really appropriate or worthy of being accepted here from the start, especially because of the heavy sampling that I was using as you mentioned. I admit the vinyl popping sounds were a little risky, and something like that probably wouldn't make it into any remixes that I planned on posting here for official judgement. I'm glad you liked my idea for the track, though! I'll be sure to bring more remixes here in the future.
  9. Hey, thanks for your feedback! The crackling sound was intentional, but thank you for letting me know that I may have gone a little overboard with it. As for the repetitiveness of the track in its entirety, I agree. That's part of the reason that I cut it so short...I couldn't really decide where to go with the song after a while, and I felt like it might be getting tiresome. I might still decide to revisit this track after a few days away from it. I've gone through at least 5 "final" iterations of it in the past two days, so I think a break is pretty necessary. Your comments will definitely be taken into account when I either revisit this remix or start my next one!
  10. I'd like to change my name to Cinctulus, if at all possible. Thanks
  11. I just finished a remix of the Forest Temple theme from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. It started as a just-for-fun project, but I ended up working pretty hard on it. I didn't originally plan on posting it here, but I decided I wanted to get some feedback. Tips/criticisms are very much appreciated! I'm still fairly new to producing and I'm always looking for things to learn and improve on. EDIT: I decided to get rid of the offbeat snare hits in the second half of the song, but I left the old one up there. Let me know what you think. Edit again: Deleted the old link, removed it from soundcloud. NEW LINK: http://soundcloud.com/cinctulus/phantom-oot-forest-temple Source, by Koji Kondo
  12. Thanks for the feedback, guys. Syllix, mixing tips are what I need more than anything. Your suggestions are greatly appreciated I'll dig back into it and try to clean things up as soon as I get the chance. And thanks for the kind words, timaeus!
  13. Fixed the link, sorry about that! Thanks, and yes, of course you have permission to remix the source. I really look forward to hearing what you come up with if you decide to go through with it. I enjoyed the song you linked me to a lot.
  14. Apparently there is someone on soundcloud with the username Farcaster. I will use the name Cinctulus for my uploads, since that's my most common username for other things. Although this is a remix, I'm pretty sure it belongs here. This is a remix I recently did of a song I wrote for a class project. I figured sharing this would be a good way to introduce myself as an artist here. The project was a very basic flash platformer which was written for a (again, very basic) game programming class. I'm not terribly proud of the source, but I feel obligated to post it because this is, in all respects, a remix. FL Studio is my DAW of choice. I've been actively working with FL studio for a couple months now, but I've had it for years. I messed around with it a lot when I was 16 or so, but not enough to learn anything usable. I decided to install it again recently to write something for my game. Afterward, I picked up a few VSTs and that was that. Source: http://soundcloud.com/cinctulus/grayplanet Remix: http://soundcloud.com/cinctulus/gray-planet-remix I look forward any and all feedback, good or bad
  15. I really enjoyed this song. I zoned out to it earlier and ended up being late to pick my girlfriend up for work I'm all for the break in the middle (where you have complete silence), but I think it could benefit from a swell of white noise or something. It just seemed too abrupt to me. Either way, it's really hypnotizing. Great work!
  16. I enjoyed the demo! I think you should stick with the whole fight-to-the-right feel, it could turn out to be a really fun little game . I enjoyed the music for the most part as well. A few bits of criticism which you may already know about: -The music during the conversation with the boy and his father doesn't loop cleanly. -After dying on the first level (I failed to float all the way across the first time around), my player was floating above the ground (as opposed to walking on it). Keep doing what you're doing
  17. Hello, everyone! I'm Matt. I'm 22, I live in NJ, USA, and I've always loved both gaming and music. I'm a drummer and guitarist, but I have more experience with guitar (I sold my drum kit years ago). Unfortunately, I've been neglecting my guitars for a while now, so I'm a little rusty. I actually started college as a music recording major, but have since decided to switch over to computer science for various reasons. I recently started composing electronic music with FL studio. It's loads of fun, and it makes me feel a lot more productive than spending ALL of my free time playing video games I'm also a beginner programmer, who has yet to get his feet wet with anything substantial (aside from basic college class projects). The only language I really feel comfortable using at the moment is Java, but I plan on learning C++ as soon as I'm a bit more experienced. I made a few flash games (using AS3) for school, and I really like the idea of developing games as a hobby, or possibly even a profession. We'll see I'm really excited to be a part of this community, and I know there are tons of extremely talented people here that I can learn a lot from. I look forward to meeting all of you!
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