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  1. okay guys, time for the fourth update of this remix. I've added lots of new stuff but most importantly is the addition of Pumpkin King on the leads which by the way are awesome, he's also aided a lot in terms of composition and I think the song is shaping quite nicely. I'd appreciate some feedback to know I'm on the right track (or not). Thanks for listening!
  2. started playing yesterday!! It's a good game, I don't find a big departure yet, but as every animal crossing, you gotta keep on playing to discover more and more.
  3. I usually use MIDI versions of the songs to guide me in terms of strings and pads and maybe bass lines. I don't use the entire song because it is difficult to branch out from there. You should stick with some of the MIDI instruments and create your own chord progressions, program your own beats, maybe throw in a completely new lead... that is, assuming you have the "musical ability" to do that.
  4. this is the latest version of the song. I think It sounds good and I'm quite proud of it any thoughts on how to improve this? I have already panned several instruments, used several audio effects on them too and did some work on the bass line as well as using the main melody a bit more often.
  5. Thank you! I'm following your advice as we speak. I'll upload a third version shortly
  6. okay! I have an update to show you guys added a couple pads and synthesizers here and there and also a couple more sound effects on sounds that were already there. I hope you like it!
  7. my opinion in this: there are musicians who make music entirely out of, old, unknown samples and they create wonderful things which are totally original. (DJ Shadow) I think the problem for me appears when the sample is taken of an entire melody or easily recognizable bit of a song that has already been created, like for example Big Time Rush's Windows Down ripped off of Blur's Song 2. (we could also use the Bittersweet Symphony example here but that song is awesome regardless) Still sampling does not bother me at all at long as the song crafted on top of it is great. An example of songs I like that sampled the same track would be: Portishead's Glory Box and Tricky's Hell Is Around The Corner They both sample Ike's Rap II in similar ways, though they create wonderful things on top of the song, I like both of them. I personally think that modifying samples has created a new style of crafting music. A lot of genres have evolved from sampling such as Drum & Bass and Trip Hop. The Amen Break has been sampled countless times for every jungle and old skool D&B tracks such as the ones found in Goldie's Timeless. As a fan of those genres myself, I always find myself sampling bits of what I find and like, distorting them a bit to create the melody and ambience I desire. I sometimes create songs entirely out of samples and then throw in a pad or a drum machine or bass line to complement. After that, I hit the studio and replace any sample I can replace, be it guitar, drums, bass or keyboards. The finished song is a completely new, original song and the samples that remain are some that are left in the background and are usually reversed, distorted, filled with reverb and stuff so it's unrecognizable. That's my main method of creating songs so I am going to say YAY sampling. It's an awesome world to explore.
  8. Glad you like it more than the original anyway yeah, like I said I'm lazy on the bass programming stuff, I don't have enough patience for it but I'll improve on it. Thanks for the feedback!
  9. This is my attempt at remixing this awesome track, it's still similar to the source track since I used a version of the track to guide me and then expand from there. I've got this 90s vibe all over my music so you should be able to hear some of that in how I made this track. ANYWAY! This is my first remix in here and I THINK It's going well, apart from it being similar to the source (At least at the beginning). I KNOW it does not have the best sound, I'll work on it when suggestions are made, because there is a time in production in which I hit some kind of dead end and need outside help . Also, it could be that it strays too far from the melody and stuff but I'm not sure, I like it the way it is. Finally, I am lazy when it comes to bass programming so yeah, there you go. Remix: Source: Feel free to listen and criticize. sorry my english is awful