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  1. One nitpick: The line "Klatuu Nitktoo Verada" is actually from Army of Darkness, not The Evil Dead. As for the remix, only one word I can think of can aptly describe it. One, appropriately, made famous from The Evil Dead movies. "Groovy."
  2. This remix is quite different. That is a good thing. It is no easy feat to make an ambient remix, much less an awesome ambient remix. As djpretzel said on the remix's page, it is very envocative of Pink Floyd. However, up until the 3:00 mark or so, I was also reminded of the also ambient (and quite cool) song from Cowboy Bebop, "Channel 23". I doubt many would agree with me on this point, but the guitar parts seem similar to me. The ending, however, is just weird. The heartbeat is cool and all, but I would have preferred something to allow for a good looping of the song. Still, all in all, pretty damn good.
  3. This song rules. I find that the ending is just fine, because it allows the song to loops almost seamlessly, which is good, since you want to listen to it over and over again.
  4. Like just about everyone else here, I had no idea that Tomb Raider had even had music. This remix, however, almost makes me want to play it again to hear the original. But the game isn't good enough. Simply awesome.
  5. Since it's McVaffe, I already know it's going to be great. But this great? Wow... I'm going to listen to this every time I turn on my computer.
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