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  1. So.. dubstep meets MUSIC meets chiptunes. Love it. This is when I can actually enjoy dubstep's wobble-wub-wub bass and halfstep beats. This is the kind of dubstep that should have gotten popular, or at least something very similar. I'm rather biased against a lot of major dubstep because it's basically Bassturbation and "Look what I can do with FILTERS!" wub-wob-wu-wu-wu-WOB with no real composition or attempt at arrangement. Thank you, halc, for this wonderful MUSICAL dubstep.
  2. Love it. Relaxing, moody, and a killer beat to go with it. Definitely one of my favs on the album, if not the song I return to the most. Even my 3 month old daughter quiets down when this is playing. That means it definitely has 'it'. Hope to see more from you. Love the style you bring.
  3. This source has entirely too few remixes? This GAME'S AMAZING SOUNDTRACK has entirely too few remixes... I see why it made it onto Unsung Heroes. This was one of my favorite games growing up, and most of the music I can recall from memory even from then. The Queen's source and the Temple theme were some of my hands down favorites. Thank you for this remix. You have done my memories justice and fanservice the likes of which the cosmos (and unexpectedly-interdimensionally-travelling children and their body-switching pets) have never seen. I hope to see more like this from equally outstanding sources.
  4. I... am ellipsis personified. Seriously, after I typed that first 'I' and then began to think about the mix and what I was going to write of it... <- happened. Big time. This is by far one of the most well done pieces of music on the site... From now on, whenever I'm trying to convince someone that video game music is a viable, valuable, and beautiful art, I am putting this song at the top of my 'ammunition' list. PLEASE submit more. I'm sure we'd all love to hear from you.
  5. I totally dig that you made your own synth patches. I totally dig that I enjoyed your own synth patches. Keep up the patching!
  6. I loved the glass sample. I feel it could have had a slightly lower volume rather than being all in your face, but still... effin brilliant choice for percussion. You have inspired me. I have a HUGE cardboard tube waiting outside for me to make some drum samples from it. Expect to hear some crazy percussion from me. Great mix, I'm going to find more of your work.
  7. For many a year now, this has honestly been one of my top 5 listened to tracks on the entire site. I loved OoT and its music and i LOVE Pachelbel's Canon. This mix absolutely floored me the first time, and to this day I still love it... so thank you many times over.
  8. It isn't very often that a mix can make me smile... ESPECIALLY when it comes to transitions between sources. I found myself smiling more and more as the mix progressed (especially at/during aforementioned transitions) Excellent playing from both mixers... or should I say artists? You guys are on top of your games. Please, for all of our sakes, continue what you're doing.
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