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  1. Mazedude has the crown. I've downloaded a lot of his work, and I have to say that he is a damn musical genious. This peice of work right here reassures me that he is on top of things still. There is so much diversity in his art that I don't ever know what he is gonna do next. Everyone could learn from Mazedude, weather you like electronica, classical, trnce, yadda yadda yadda. Listen to his music with an open mind, and you will understand where I am coming from. Good job old chap.
  2. I haven't listened to this remix yet, and haven't read any other comments about it either in order to be as open minded as possible. I'm a big fan of the game, though I haven't played it in like 8 years. It's one of those games thats always gonna be stapled in my mind. Gotta love dragonfeet, lol. begining..... Whoa.....the intro alone has me feeling very violent. WOW. My head is bobbing back and forth like I have some sort of vertibtrae problem or something. The overall feel thusfar is captivating. I have no choice but to tap my foot and play drums on my peice of shit archaic laptop and computer desk. I love how all of the melody lines sound, and the rythem stuff really enhances the feel. I love how alot of the tones are distorted, they give it that ass beating feel that I'm sure the orriginal developers really wanted on the game, rather than the lackluster sound quality of the amazing midi. I love the phasing sound of the rythem guitars too. You didn't go overboard with it like I hear all to often. To many people out there think that they need that sort of effect as loud and obnoxious as they can get it. You clearly understand the tonal color changing abbilities that reside in this effect. I love the decrepid keyboard line at 2:50. The sound, the melody, and how it enhances the I'm gonna beat your ass with a lead pipe mood. I think it was brilliant. I find it all to common to hear music from that same particular genre to be repetitive. You kept me guessing. Everytime I thought I certain part should end, it ended, And when things ended, I was always on my toes because you found another great thing to do with this composition. I give it a perfect 5 stars.
  3. nice intro maybe add a hair of delay to the strings the piano sounds could sound a little more brilliant nice addaption with the bass line I like the synth sound in the melody line around 3:00 All in all, it was nice. I would have liked a little more diversity in it. It took us to a great place in the beging, and then when the rythem track kicked in, as you can tell, there wasn't much there. It took us to a place, but held us there far to long. Kinda like driving through Montana. When it finaly changed, I got the feeling of "thank god" rather than thats a nice change. The song did have some strong points to it though. On a scale of 1-5, I give it a 3.
  4. I haven't listened to the song yet, I just got it downloaded. By doing this, I hope to give you a true evaluation. the intro is right on track so far I love the guitar chords and tonal colors in the background the piano tones in the melody is great Brilliant workup to the main riffs. nice pizzicato strings nice drums. Real precise and they enhance the feel the kick back into melodious part is nice, and again, great texturing with the tones in the background. The bass tones, in my opinion should sound a little more, shall I say, traditional. But they are still nice on the ears. I would like to hear the final melody part done with a medium distorted guitar, not real noisy, but it would enhance the feel. All in all, I think it was great. You made alot of great artistic decisions, I know, because I have the original on here. Your version made me wanna pick up my accoustic and learn the begining chord progression, I believe I wwould learn a little bit from playing it. On a 1-5 scale, I give it a 4.7
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