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  1. Drop me a line and we can talk about the research project ;)

  2. Wowowowow. I'm going to Sheridan (for computer programming, but still), and I saw that 'Night Light' one on Reddit a while ago! Frisson all up my spine, the whole time. Very well done!
  3. Try the Harmonic Minor scale, it's one of my favourites and gives a sort of mysterious but melodic feel to the song. Listening through, I really like that bells sound you used in 'Sleepless Stars'! Almost like windchimes, or a celesta, which I love both of. If you're looking to make it sound more realistic, try lengthening the release on the more melodic sounds (cellos, generic strings). It'll give more of a 'flowing' sound and remove the obvious MIDI note changes. Just a suggestion, it sounds very Nintendo-y the way it is!
  4. Hi guys! I've been working on a remix of a guy on YouTube's song called "Die, Jimmy, Die". [removed] If it's possible to ask for feedback on a 'Finished' release, then I will! The reason I marked it as 'Finished' is because I'm done with it - what you hear is all I can do, and is the best of my ability. I did a lot of weird things I haven't tried before and it came out very different than any of my other songs. Thanks!
  5. It basically makes a bunch of noises that a keyboard would make WHILE IT'S TURNED OFF. It sounds like somebody hammering random keys every time you play a note. It comes with a couple other absolutely terrible sounding patches as well.
  6. I use Shreddage as well. The copy of ReValver it came with has some REALLY nice presets (the .bank file it came with). Try putting 'Heavy Chug' on the left channel and 'Thick Riff' on the right (what zircon does in the tutorial).
  7. Stick a Sausage Fattener on it, put the Color to about 50% and the Fatness to around 10%. This'll remove all dynamics (booo!) and give the guitar a nice fuzz. You'll then want to sweep out the rumble so the guitar actually sits in the mix and doesn't overpower everything without having to halve the volume on it's channel. Personally, I think this sounds great, but it's in the eye of the beholder. I use Shreddage X with Revalver HPse (that came with it), and use this technique ALL the time. I don't mean to self-promote, but I did this exact technique here (20 seconds in), and it seems to w
  8. The best example I could find off the top of my head is Darth Vader's theme at precisely 2:14 . That high-pitch whistle-like instrument that glissandos up... what is that instrument? John Williams uses it a LOT, it's definitely in some other compositions of his.My next question would be, if it's not a standard instrument, where can I find a VST/Kontakt of it?
  9. Very relaxing! I could definitely see myself chilling to this. As a production question, do you use the 'blur' command in your choice of audio editor (I'm referring to Edison in FL for me) to get those beautiful backgrounds that kind of sound like waterfalls? It sounds wonderful
  10. ...and a whole LOT of other instruments, of course! This song is easily my most proud production. It might not even sound good, but it was such a learning experience and was lots of fun to make. It's still a work-in-progress, because I want to end it sometime, but I'd just like some feedback on instrumentation, flow and all that jazz (sometimes literally). I'd love any feedback for this song that you have. FL Studio reports that I have 17 hours into this, which is probably 4-5x more than anything else I've done. Please enjoy!
  11. I tried to fuse orchestral instruments with some ethnic and techno sounds, and here's what came of it! What do you guys think? The last thing I posted on here was my Guile's Theme remix. Since then I hope I've improved a bit! Thanks!
  12. Thanks guys, I think I've arrived at the final mix. I'm not happy with it, but I'm just so sick of tuning things with my guitar ("time to record? Have some intonation issues!") that I'm keeping the crappy sounding synth guitar in. Here's a demo of a quick run-through of the song I did, just to show the tone. This isn't a finished product, as I messed up, this is just to show the sound. I'm also going to keep the bridge the way it is, too, partly because there's so much automation to move over and resync all the tracks, and also because I want to keep the energy up in the song. Great obser
  13. Thanks! I've since updated the mix and am still working on the bridge, but I also got a Tascam US122MKII to record my guitar, and so far it's sounding pretty damn awesome, except it's my first time recording guitar, and it's messy! [x] Humanized hi-hats [x] Remastered slightly, can't do too much because I don't have the guitars yet [ ] Bridge enlightenment [ ] Guitars! I figured I'd update to not make it look like I just abandoned this project and thread. This just might take a while because I'm a noob at recording real-life instruments in my basements with studio equipment (before the
  14. Thank you! I'm using these right now, which I spent about $150-$200 on. They sound great, I just suck at mixing, hah. I'm trying to improve the intro, I just don't know what to do. I want to keep the 'blast' when the chorus comes in at about 20 seconds. I'll turn down the drum and bass, because if I turn up the guitar any more it crackles/pops. Not sure why, probably the mixing though. Thanks for the input! I'll upload a new one when I'm happy with the changes.
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