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  1. This was a beautiful composition, I enjoyed it tremendously. Production also sounds pretty tight on my MD-7506s, but I'm no expert. The change of tone at the end was refreshing, and the outro was smooth, if only that it fades out a little too quickly! I suggest that you allow that last note to breathe a little bit more, it ducks to silence a bit too quickly and was quite noticeable on my headphones. Great job!
  2. Thanks! It would be an honour to contribute! To echo Starfox's words, "I'll try my best!".
  3. Hey guys! I'm Ingen. Two years ago I discovered glorious bush raves and my life was radically changed as I became impassioned by electronic music culture. I'm 20 years old now and I've been learning to produce on Ableton Live for almost a year and discovered OCRemix through one of Zircon's amazingly helpful Zebra2 tutorials! Being an avid gamer, this community seems to perfectly fit my groove! I think it's absolutely fantastic that you guys exist and provide such a constant stream of quality music and discussion. After working as a paralegal-graphic designer-web designer/admin in an office for 3 years I've come to realize that the 9-5 desklife is not for me... music is what I want to do, and I aspire to be a sound designer/producer, and have been slowly teaching myself in my spare time... the learning never ends, and the feels are amazing. Here's some general stuff about me, for kicks: Favourite Games: Day of the Tentacle Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon Majora's Mask Half-Life 2 Pokemon Blue Final Fantasy X Mass Effect Battlefield 2 Kingdom Hearts Favourite Music Genres (though I'm open to anything): Psytrance Ambient Minimal Classical IDM Stuff I'm Into: the Universe SPEHS (a little bit Metroid-esque, no?) Nature Goodfeels Animals Film Vidya Art Meditation Exercise Dancing
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