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  1. Just curious to see what awesome costumes come out of this forum
  2. I BENCH 335 POUNDS!!!!! ARGHHHH But seriously - I think I will join
  3. Yeah man! He puts out like one a week. He actually did the intro song for my speed training company for me. Cool guy 100% Thanks for the compliment too!
  4. I made this beat from scratch and wrote this rap in about 20 minutes today
  5. TURNIPPPS!! Ok that makes sense though - better just keep posting. And by it makes sense I mean you just gave me the answer with no actual brain power used on my end lol
  6. That's the twilight zone... What the heck how many more posts do I need before I can have a custom avatar arggggg
  7. NooooooooOOOoOOOoOOooOoo hahah I'm reuploading a better version right now - I wrote and recorded that last night after the Texas state fair... I had eaten a lot of fried food for hours... and it was 1 am so I realized how boring I sounded... 15 minutes...
  8. Sorry I had meetings all day at work!!
  9. There are only 150 REAL Pokemon. The others are a bunch of fakes.
  10. Been hearing problems with the Datpiff website so I uploaded to Bandcamp
  11. Hey I just released a mixtape I did in my spare time outside of the corporate life... It's pretty much all VGM Remixes I did and a few I got from other people. Would definitely appreciate the support of a few listens Plus it's FREE.99 to download Thanks again
  12. Anybody interested in doing a nerdcore mixtape with me? Comprised completely from hip hop remixes from this forum I make my own beats when I rap my songs, but if you have a remix you've done that you would like me to "Hip Hopify" for you to rap over for the mixtape I would be happy to help out a few people. Here is example one Post here or PM me - I would like two get at least 12 tracks (2 per artist)
  13. Dude we should do a collab - I can lay down a pretty And I would love to get one on a VGM Track with someone on Piano
  14. Thanks Bruh! I got a few more on my soundcloud and on the youtube page Oh that's good news - I was like dang I already broke the rules on my first post haha - Well that's legit I'll keep posting the good ones - Here is my youtube channel for those of you interested in some VGM hip hop remixes / Nerdcore Rap Here is my soundcloud for those that don't make it to youtube
  15. Thanks guys, I should probably read the rules for these before I post but I'm glad you guys enjoyed it!