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  1. Also where is this sonic cd you have as your sig lol I'm trying to go listen to it!
  2. Haha thanks! I bring a few surprises here and there! Yeah we ran into a slight problem, we decided to shoot the back flip first and I almost broke my finger I was worried about kicking him in the face lol. Fortunately it was just a bad jam but it hurt like hell and still does. Thanks! I'll be sure to re do the mixing when I get the other guy's verse before I export the finished file. Just picked up a nice pair of headphones so hopefully I can polish it up for everyone's ears.
  3. I know all caps, lame. Got your attention though haha.
  4. Is anyone from here from Dallas and checking out the comicon next month btw?
  5. I was in Austin this weekend performing at the Nerdcave Showcase and someone was kind enough to grab my camera to video this for me!
  6. This is part of the "I love the 90s" CD I'm working on. There is a Gofundme linked in the video for those of you who have a few dollars to spare to help make this project awesome. If not don't sweat, just click the link and enjoy the music! Thanks! 1-UP
  7. Those of you who enjoy Raisi K will enjoy this since he gave me this beat.
  8. CLICK CLICK CLICK - I promise it's actually pretty entertaining
  9. Here is video from last night and a preview of some of the songs
  10. Working on this project with a couple of other Nerdcore Rappers The aim is to finish in under 2 weeks - Recording tonight. We probably would have gotten farther if we didn't spend so much time playing Super Mario Kart
  11. Here is the sample I just made - Lemme know what you think. I'm gonna polish it up before I record when I finish the lyrics
  12. Awesome man - thanks I already whipped up the beat. I'm gonna start writing some lyrics to it right now
  13. Dude this is awesome - would you mind if I hip hopped it up and rapped over this? (With credit given of course)
  14. I got this idea yesterday on my lunch break so put the wheels into motion yesterday evening