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  1. MapleStory was my first MMO ever! <3 this rings so many tinkly little bells in my head! This is a conservative remix, as people have said, but I think it brings the essence of the original out - pretty, emerald forest with lots of magics - and relaxing I really like how you've brought in an analog acoustic guitar sound to this track, and it seems to mimic the actual acoustic guitar used in the original track. (P.S. listened to this from tinny MacBookPro speakers so ehehe '' ) -ddM
  2. Hatsune Miku and Meiko get my votes for the better vocal qualities or at least have received more justice in the songs I find on Youtube. I even attempted to do a cover of 'Ievan Polkka', taking the Miku vocals on it and attempted to sing it. It was a nightmare and all the auto-tuning/bit-crushing barely saved me. On that note, Vocaloid has obviously been geared for Japanese diction, and english diction/phonetics is hard as balls to conceive. However, a vocal synthesizer is an amazing concept and definitely is a step in removing the block that is 'I don't have a singer' for most songwriters/composers/musicians/everyday-people-who-wanna-write-music. -ddM
  3. Hihi! I've been poked into joining, I daresay, but I have a <3 for music and enjoy learning and playing piano pieces from videogames. My audition piece into my current college (which I'm graduating from at the end of this year!) was Close To Home from Uncharted Waters II by Yoko Kanno (<3!!) With my current limitations of a Mac platform, I haven't got my gaming on much. BUT: - WoW. I was doing the Draenei Female DPS Pally thing before the game got boring and I waved my uber-plated Draenei baibai. - MapleStory was my very first MMO at the tender age of 14. I remember enjoying figuring out the login screen music because it was so pweety - Horror games held my fascination, but I can never play them because of the heart attacks. The Fatal Frame series would always hold a special place in my heart in a love/hate kind of way. - Peers who have played L4D and L4D2 with me are surprised I recognize the oncoming specials by their musical cue. Tools of the Trade: - Pro Tools - Logic Pro - Reason (sometimes) - Piano (I had a grade 8 in the electronic organ and ABRSM Theory Grade 5, if it counts)/ the 61-key novation controller that's dusting somewhere in my apartment o.o Why am I here? While I've dabbled in music recording and production, I really would love to work in the videogame industry. I've hardly dabbled in sound design/remixing, and I think the stuff I have found on OCRemix would be fun as a stepping stone. Have I listened to much OCRemix stuff? Admittedly nope . But I want to get involved, get that music-making on and get busy! Yoroshiku! -ddM
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