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  1. I am blindsided with joy! Just recently I was thinking how nice it would be if OCR did an epic album based on Seiken Densetsu 3. I never knew it was in the works, it was just a thought, then BAM! Here it is. Wow! Thank you guys so much! EDIT: Just noticed PU Freak posted above me, I gotta say I am a huge fan. Your piano arrangements are the best I've ever heard, easily the best music I listen to. Your contributions to any OCR album are invariably my favorite parts and I am literally crying listening to For king and Country on this album, and I know the Missingno Tracks has been around for a while but I can't seem to go a week without listening to Clash of the titans and Journey's end. Clash in particular gets me more pumped up for a good old fashioned pokemon battle than the games themselves did when I was 8, which is 100x more of an emotional reaction than I get out of a lot of music. I'm sorry to ramble on, I'll stop before this turns into a true rant but you are the best and I want you to know that. keep up the incredible work!