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  1. Ghost Town Breeding Ground - Skeleton Crew The product of international file-sharing over the last few years, Skeleton Crew is the collaborative effort of Tvitkh and myself, with special guest appearances from Batrick and Burgernator. 01. Ghost Town Breeding Ground - Unleash 02. Ghost Town Breeding Ground - Disorientation 03. Ghost Town Breeding Ground - Not My Blood 04. Ghost Town Breeding Ground - Kookie Cutter 05. Ghost Town Breeding Ground - Annihilation Now 06. Ghost Town Breeding Ground - We Know Some Things 07. Ghost Town Breeding Ground - Not My Blood (Tragic Mix) 08. Ghost To
  2. Various Artists - Beacon Meadows Freebies, Vol. 1 This is a collection of VARN Industries and Underground Pipe Labyrinth tracks recored between 2001 and early 2007. There is no particular tracklisting, just a sampler... >>Download Here http://www.megaupload.com/?d=7RTZ963A Masterminded DJ vs. VARN Industries: Megamix, Vol. I This is a short hiphop/mash-up EP Masterminded DJ and I recorded shortly before he was sent to prison. 01. Masterminded DJ - Intro 02. Masterminded DJ - Go To The Bathroom 03. Masterminded DJ - Are Your Shoes OK For Work 04. Masterminded DJ - Cut A Chunk O
  3. VARN Industries Volume VII: Something This is my seventh album under the VARN Industries name and I think it accurately represents the current state of affairs in my life. This is a much more laid-back sound for me. I'm really quite happy with this new direction. No real overall theme, just spreading out into new areas. Tracks 2, 5, 7, 8 and 14 are from sessions recorded over the last couple of years on a T solo record that never came to be and 3 is for my beautiful wife Angela. Let me know what you think. 01. Introductory Track 02. Tell Me What You Like (Development Version) 03. Mina's Th
  4. thank you... no apologies needed from anyone and none are given from me. i simply was sharing this because of its inspiration, not to take part in any popularity contests. take it or leave, but thank you for checking it out. and as for the ukulele, it will remain in the shoddy condition i recieved it in, i like it better that way... it isn't meant to be. it is what it is. no need to have it on any lists or whatever, it fits comfortably on my album...
  5. Here's a cover I did of the Super Mario Bros. Underground Theme from my newest EP. It was made using my brother's keyboard, a broken-ass single-string ukulele and beats on my computer. I'm not worried about submitting it for any contests or whatever, just figured I'd share it. If you like it, you can download the whole CD for free from my MySpace page (www.myspace.com/man3)... http://www.megaupload.com/?d=1Y2QPQZJ Tripballs, MAN3
  6. i wouldn't mind hearing an adaption similar to a mix between pig's (raymond watts) cinematic industrial and clint mansell's requiem for a dream soundtrack. epic...
  7. MAN3

    Spot (NES)

    i've been playing the hell out of this classic. my friend and i would really appreciate some remixage, please...
  8. i'm sorry, but i find this remix incredible, its hilarious, i love it. of course i also find wayne's world and austin powers incredible and hilarious. go figure...
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