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  1. @HoboKa Thanks! That's on me for not making a mix more faithful to the source tune. I guess I got a little caught up in it and lost sight of the goal. But at least I learned an important lesson AND had fun (which doesn't happen very often). I am grateful to have a place to do these kinds of exercises, and I've definitely gotten some mileage out of it, so thanks for hosting!
  2. Ooh boy, those polyrhythms are throwing me for a loop, but I'm loving what I'm hearing. I' really feeling that 3/4 groove for the most part. I also told myself after the previous round I would mix things up and go with synth sounds only, but I don't think that'd quite work for this.
  3. Congrats Chalis! And great job everyone, I enjoyed listening to all the entries and people's interpretations of such a short theme.
  4. Just made a quick mixing edit for some clarity. NOW I'm done. Good luck everyone!
  5. I just uploaded my entry. I was in the zone yesterday and the day before, and it's going to be a busy next couple of days with Memorial Day just around the corner, so it's done and sent!
  6. Is anyone else having trouble with the MIDI file? I don't think it's quite synced up correctly, and I've having trouble finding one that's working properly. I'll work with this one (as it's the easiest to manipulate, but it'll take some time), but I'm wondering if we can get another solution. I've got an idea for it and I'm going to try it out.
  7. I played a little bitt of Maniac Mansion for the first time a couple of weeks ago, so this seems oddly appropriate. I'll have to brainstorm some ideas, but I should be able to put something out.
  8. Thanks for the suggestion! I've got it on Soundcloud here. Reaper's being a bit funny in its labeling of renders and I grabbed the wrong one after listening to the track I wanted to upload. It should sound better. XD
  9. Got-dangit, I just realized I uploaded the wrong mp3. Regardless, I'll be looking forward to the announcement of the winner, as well as the next source tune. I've missed these contests.
  10. Well, I got my vote in this evening. Good look guys!
  11. I'm really glad we've got people hopping on board this round! Now that I'm done with school, I really want to focus on music production, especially these competitions, but other responsibilities may call me away from time to time. I had fun working on this, especially since I wasn't able to get good ideas going for other bonus mixes.
  12. I decided to wrap it up and get it posted, so my bonus entry's up! It's nice having my two days off of work back-to-back.
  13. I'm glad you're all enjoying it! My bonus mix is coming along nicely, too, and I hope to wrap it up in the next day or so.
  14. I've been a fan from the get-go, thankfully. As I said earlier, I didn't have any consoles growing up, so the Wii was my first at-home experience. The Wii's my gateway drug. It wasn't until after that I delved into the other games, and I enjoy playing them as well. In fact, I got Axiom Verge for Christmas for the Switch, and that's an homage to Super Metroid if I ever saw one, but it still is its own game and a lot of fun. I won't lie, I had an emotional wave hit me when I saw the logo for Metroid Prime 4 at E3 this passed year. That's another reason I picked this tune, because of my Metroid Prime Fever. My body is ready. ... Probably not.
  15. I've been hearing some good things about Superior Drummer 2, and I was looking at EZ Drummer, they both sound good. I wish the MIDI packs were compatible with other software, because I was going to get some of those while they were on sale. I've got the Scarbee Bass, so I'll need to take a look at that, it sounds real nice.
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