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  1. It's a shame I simply didn't have time to work on this one, but I wanted to do a full-on Flamenco remix of this - Would've been cool
  2. Xenonetix

    MnP 88: Maniac Mansion - Dave's Theme

    Can I just do a remix of the video in the original post instead? I think that sounds cooler
  3. Xenonetix

    MnP 86: Super Paper Mario - Woah Zone

    One of these days, HoboKa will get the dates right on the first post Not sure what I would do with this one that keeps within the MnP guidelines - Sounds much more like something to riff from.
  4. Xenonetix

    MnP 83: Yoshi's Island - Mini Boss theme

    No promises as I don't have that much time this week, but I may be able to whip something up
  5. Xenonetix

    Robots vs. Knights

    Checkin' in
  6. Xenonetix

    MnP 67: Tales of Phantasia - Freeze

    Got mine done - Not quite as polished as I'd have liked it to be, but I was really restricted on time this week. Still, it's something a little different from the others
  7. Xenonetix

    MnP 67: Tales of Phantasia - Freeze

    Oh this definitely sounds like it's up my street - I'll see what I can do!
  8. Xenonetix

    MnP 60: Escape From the Planet of Robot Monsters

    Hopefully my vote went through, but I voted before Trism's bonus was submitted. Not sure how I managed that, but get back to me if I need to submit it again! I love what both Trism and Esperado have done with the piece! Glad to see this piece getting such love and a variety of cool remixes through!
  9. Oh cool - Thanks very much for the feedback as well, HoboKa!
  10. I think Trism should vote for mine, and I'll vote for his a few minutes after the deadline
  11. Didn't have much time, but threw something into the pot
  12. Xenonetix

    RPG Town remix contest

    So the piece can be from any game, whether it's an RPG or not, but then we RPGify it?
  13. Xenonetix

    Robots vs. Knights

    Ok cool, thanks for the clarification I look forward to whenever it begins!
  14. Xenonetix

    Robots vs. Knights

    Yeah, but a selection/pool of exactly 3 sources that you then just assign to each team member, or a pool of about 20 sources, so you actually get some choice in the matter? I feel like if it's the prior, at least one member of the team will just have to 'settle'. All 3 members of the team might really want to be doing sources another team's been given, and hates all 3 of the ones they've been given. I'm just wondering how much variety and choice we really get. If people have specific sources foist upon them, I feel like it would be an unfair system, because some teams will end up with a higher level of motivation than others purely because of the sources they've been given.
  15. Xenonetix

    Robots vs. Knights

    It's not entirely clear from the original post whether we get to choose which source we're using, but I think the point still stands. Even if we're given one source to use per person throughout the competition (although I think it's that each team is given 3 sources each and then we choose one each within our team?), then you're right that you end up mixing more music from the opposing game. With that in mind, I'd like to sign up for Team Robots, as I prefer the Shovel Knight sound track over the various Mega Man soundtracks. If I've misunderstood the remixing criteria and song choice selection, I'd probably rather be on Team Knights instead.