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  1. It happened!

    I bought an OverClocked ReMix shirt from you a while back, and I was wearing it out and about and someone recognised it. Got talking and now I have a new friend :3


  2. I heard the menu effects from Toca 2 Touring Cars at the beginning, I had to find out what was playing to give me such nostalgia. This is very faithful to the original - I like it
  3. It's great to hear a remix from an open source game for a change. I think there are some hidden gems out there - or at least some potential hidden gems. I'd like to be able to exploit that when I get proficient enough. This one should have been in the game originally . I can imagine it being in a loop during gameplay, and it wouldn't get annoying. Five stars.
  4. Thanks, that's... reassuring. I know exactly what you mean: I think I must spend ages doing this, but after writing small sections, rather than at the end, and I sometimes end up scrapping them altogether.
  5. I'm aiming this generally at people who have submitted, but I guess this can apply to anybody on these forums. About how long does it take you, start to finish, to remix a track? I've got a good ear for harmony, and I've been a fan of video game music since forever. Now I can understand enough of music software (e.g. Logic) to make something sound the way I want, I can get my ideas down. But it takes ages! It's not boring, but at the rate I go, I'll never get anything out. I imagine it'll get easier, and I'll get faster, but I've noticed some people churn out tracks all the time, and this
  6. Sadly, on the official site: http://pictat.com/i/2012/12/11/13295untitled.png (makes me wonder why they bothered?)
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