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  1. There's a lot that contributes to this remix, and IMHO, it deserves picking apart. 0:00 -nice relaxed intro. the bass almost sounds bell-like, and I'm really liking the synth that's playing the melody. 0:15 - hey! Where'd the melody go?!? I was really enjoying that. What's that high quiet annoying synth? 0:20 - Oh, must be a new melody, now that I can hear it well. Not quite as much fun as the first, but it's OK. It feels tense how the melody's a little off from the bass, especially with the odd syncopation. 0:33 - Oh good. Sounds like the main melody is coming back. 0:35 - Mmmmm. There it is. Hmmmm. It's a much more alive this iteration, with the drums and the tempo change. 0:44 - Mmmmm. Nice effect with the glockenspeil countermelody. That helps me get re-oriented from :15. 1:18 - ??? It's all slow again. 1:32 - different countermelody, different synth, but has a similar stabilising effect. it's a little creepier this time, which fits with the slower tempo. 1:57 - alright! sounds like main melody's coming back 2:01 - not only is it back, but it's faster and has a glockenspeil doing a countermelody again 2:17 - sounds like it's coming to a close 2:27 - the bouncy melody fades 2:37 - and it's over This remix really resonates with me, but I can't put my finger on the reason. Hmm. Nice work, at any rate.
  2. I *love* reniassance music, and this remix is almost beyond words for me. This piece alone makes every second I've ever spent at ocremix worth it.
  3. When I first saw a Christmas-themed remix, I thought that it would seem out-of-place for 11/12ths of the year, but somehow this piece, while Christmas-y, also has a quirky enough personality that it's fun to listen to any time. The glockenspeil runs, the sleigh bells (whatever it is that opens the piece) and the constant syncopation all combine nicely for an enjoyable but unexpected flavor, kinda like chicken marinaded in cinnamon and honey mustard dressing.
  4. How can this remix have no reviews? This is an excellent remix. I wouldn't necessarily listen to it just for listening's sake, but after a hard and stressful day, there are few remixes I'd rather come home to. It's so relaxing I can almost drift off to sleep listening to it if I don't try to stay awake. The only reason I don't llike it is that it's too short. Great job anyway!
  5. I love this mix, but what's going on at 1:15 (and 3 times after)? It sounds like there's voice, but it's impossible to understand. It's been driving me nuts, and I'm amazed that none of the previous 45 posts have mentioned it. Other than that, this is definitely a great remix in my book.
  6. This one of those remixes (along with the Bubble Bobble Hillbilly remix) that I just can't help singing along with.
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