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  1. It doesn't seem worth it to me considering I won't be doing much either. Thank You Sir.
  2. I see you visited my page. What's up?

  3. I'd prefer free programs and all that jazz. I'm sorry if this is the wrong section I am such a noob.
  4. I'm not sure if you were replying to me. If you were I didn't notice you had songs picked out already.
  5. Thank You Dhsu. I had heard people mentioning a second disk but I hadn't heard about the remixer saying anything.
  6. I'm interested in hearing this album. I really can't play any instruments or sing. I might be able to do voiceovers and stuff like that but I down't really have good equipment for it. I'd love to help pick out music though.
  7. Is there going to be a sequel kind of thing to this album? And if there is going to be about when will it be released I know it takes time to make this magnificent music I'm just curious. If I'm not mistaken there are songs in the game that weren't covered in this album. I know it's offtopic but wouldn't it be cool if someone remixed Majora's Mask music but used music from other games as well. Or maybe make kinda of a depressing remix of the Majora's Mask soundtrack? Maybe some black metal like Majora stuff? Just thinking.
  8. To me I think this song would fit perfectly right after the final track of Theophany's album.
  9. I would make a 4shared link if I had permission from Theophany.
  10. I know I have posted on this thread all ready but I have to mention how omnious and dark this album sounds. All I have to do is close my eyes and imagine the game and I'm transported right into that world. I even have the crappiest headphones ever and it still sounds great...I can't wait to grab a good pair. Makes me wish I could make music . I might write a review out for this even though I suck at writing as well as you can tell by my posts. *edit* What is being said in Track3 - Terrible Fate? btw doesn't A Terrible Fate make more sense?
  11. Anyone else think about Wind Waker while listening to Track 4 - Clocktown? Excelent album so far well worth the wait this album made my day great.
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