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  1. ArmadonRK

    RIP Prince

    For me, it was a year and a half ago, when he showed up on SNL. I saw his performance and said, "Oh my god. How did we forget about this guy?" We did, after all, as a culture. In our societal memory, Prince had been largely forgotten. And for the last two years, on and off, I've been telling people, "Hey, remember Prince? He's worth remembering." Maybe it's because of his streak of being an "asshole" or an "eccentric", his zealous protection of his work from showing up online where it's accessible and memorable. That his work couldn't be streamed anywhere, couldn't be found on YouTube,
  2. Ekko's gonna be another Yasuo. He's definitely overtuned right now, but not nearly as much as everyone is whining, and he will guaranteed get overnerfed by the time Riot's done with him. I will say he has too strong an early game for how well he scales. His W is so hard to land, I don't know why you're having so much trouble with it. You have to place it 3 seconds in advance, and the field lasts for a blink of an eye, most of the time you'll miss the stun, the .5 second notice is enough time for most players to dodge it. It's definitely nice in a wombo, though. As it stands, I think the s
  3. You let genres other than verifiably and definitively Techno past the judges' panel? This is an affront to musicianshipicalitinessitude. Me, too.
  4. from Dust: An Elysian TailProbably one of my all time favorites. It's currently sitting as my most listened to track for all of 2014, according to WinAmp. Dust is littered with haunting and beautiful pieces. Falana, Gone Home, but most of all: .The guitar solo is just so jam-packed with feeling, sometimes I just listen to it over and over again. from Sonic Adventure 2Sonic Adventure 2 does some wonderful work with recurring themes and motifs, most notably the Main Riff from the game's intro, which goes through a few iterations during the games cutscenes, then resolves in the vocal tra
  5. Oh man, oh man, I am really digging this! I'm glad I waited until the whole thing was out to listen to it, I would have driven my self crazy waiting if I had jumped right in before the whole soundtrack was up. Really, it's just damn good.
  6. 1. Banjo & Kazooie 2. Knuckles the Echidna (Sonic) 3. Boo (Mario) Banjo-Kazooie 2015! Banjo for America! [shape-]Change We Can Believe In! What Do You Really Know About Gruntilda Winkybunion? Okay, okay, I'm done now. #VoteBanjoKazooie
  7. I know plenty of folks here are already familiar with Savant, this is where I first found out about his music, and so are probably already on the ball, but I just wanted to ask if anyone else was as hung up on this album as I am? http://shop.savantofficial.com/album/zion His YouTube channel has all the tracks up as well. https://www.youtube.com/user/winterpiss/videos Don't get me wrong, I've enjoyed all of his albums, but the last few have pretty much just been great, without inspiring much more from me than that. I don't feel like his stuff has really gotten under my skin like this in a
  8. That's because there are valid complaints. No, exposure is not completely worthless. But most of the time people are asking for free work, they are not giving you exposure that is worth the opportunity cost. I would consider this "opportunity" to be such a case. But that's up to the individual to decide. Besides, there's a legitimate concern of perpetuating the undervaluing of musicians. I think we can all agree that's a real problem. This is a ludicrous comparison. There is a clear and obvious difference between doing pro bono work as a working professional and soliciting unpaid labor
  9. Not sure how I managed to miss this, but I would have loved to get in on the action. At least I'll put my name out there as interested in case a spot opens up.
  10. I hadn't encountered any CDs through regular play, and then found a tedious but effective farming method for CDs. Mew drops trophies/CDs/wrench-bags, so Master Balls only on high, given enough time nets you quite a few CDs if you have the patience, or a Netflix queue to occupy you while you mindlessly throw Pokeballs for an hour. In a 99-stock game I net 6 new tracks. I always found Ness to be really strong in 64. His Melee and Brawl counterparts were much weaker, but he is looking pretty solid in his latest iteration.
  11. Hmmm, okay, we'll make it 5/10. http://smashboards.com/threads/every-song-confirmed.379362/ Never mind, still no Sonic Boom, now no Fountain of Dreams as well; 0/10. On a more serious note: Yoshi is a complete monster now, and I'm happy with that. Some of my favorite non-Fox characters now seem solidly competitive (Ness, Link, Samus, et al.) while old favorites are still strong (Fox, Sheik, Zero Suit Samus, etc.) if not all top-tier. The new additions are mostly equally fun and viable, save for Mega Man, who is sadly terrible. I hope he gets buffed up soon. But Yoshi is just ridiculous. He
  12. I was really enjoying this game a lot up. The 3DS version played like that perfect balance between Melee and Brawl, and I was preparing for what would likely be the best in the Smash Bros franchise. I fired up the Wii U version and had a blast with the speed and fluidity of the game, with its truckload of characters, stages and items. This was definitely my favorite installment in the franchise so far, fixing the problems Brawl had without slipping back into the same mistakes Melee made as well. I buckled down for a full evening of play in order to unlock all the hidden characters and stages
  13. Absolutely not. I probably shouldn't have peeked in this thread at all, then I wouldn't have been tempted to put in my two cents, but I figure I might as well. Anita Sarkeesian has been very calculated from the beginning. She is that brand of 'journalist' that has defined the modern mainstream media. The kind that quickly realized how sensationalism sells. Sarkeesian's a pot-stirrer. She's an attention seeker. Her frail attempts at "feminism" are extremely well thought out. She has been intentionally crafting controversy around herself from the start to build her brand. Every view, every lin
  14. I've read that Target Blast and Trophy Rush are the fastest way to get the custom moves. I've gotten a few moves reasonably quickly that way, but it requires a hefty coin investment, so I ran out and now need to restock. My Friend Code: 4768-7781-9668
  15. I recently made the mistake of telling some friends of mine that I never got through Gurren Lagann because I found the first half of the series to be unquestionably terrible. Now I've committed to watching the series in its entirety with the goal of dissecting it episode-by-episode and delivering a paper explaining why I think it's a bad show, while my friends are hoping that getting through the series in its entirety will make me change my mind. I haven't yet seen Rurouni Kenshin, though it comes highly recommended. I did see the first live-action film, which was really good, so I mean to ge
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