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  1. Damn you Mustin I just bought CHRONOTORIOUS and A Tribute to Yasunori Mitsuda from Loudr.FM! So far it's really good stuff !!!! You guys are awesome Cheers, paxl13 ps: Everyone that don't own those albums should do the same !!!!
  2. Or use ReplayGain in any proper MP3 player... this album is AWESOME. Josh is AWESOME !!
  3. This album is FANTASTIC, there is not one single track that I didn't liked. Virt's opera is ... PHENOMENAL to say the least... Thanks for your hard works.. this is an album that I'll play years to comes that for sure !!!
  4. I just found out this album and ... boy this is more than awesome... I found it out via your signature tweex and I'm having this album on repeat since at least 2 days !!! I've played a bit of FF11 but I grew really really fond of the OST. This thing is awesome !!! more than AWESOME, It's perfect !!! But has this one default.. get me the feeling of wanting to reactivate my account also !! You're AWESOME !
  5. This album is SOOO good, I absolutly love it's fatality, and it's epiqueness! Do be honest I don't remember that much the original, but I can say that the work as itself if worth listening even if you don't know the original. Pretty much fill "end of the world" soundtrack section in my life ! A REALLY good job, waiting eagely on the 2nd opus ! Cheers, paxl13
  6. WOW, just wow, I'm on my 4th listen of the whole thing and I must say this album goes right to my heart ! Thank you VERY VERRY MUCH for this work paxl13
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