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  1. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/jhk66ugnm7wzcoy/AADb35ILJuuFrgY4_XGIE_Aga?dl=0 There you go!
  2. Ohh wow... I love so so so much twisted ambiance. I remember listening to Cancer a whole ton of time and this one will be on my playlist for a long time. I'd love to see Brent have his take on the whole Metroid OST and released as an album. I'd pay a lot of money for that! Long story short. this is a phenomenal remix! Thanks a lot, Xavier
  3. Ohh my lord... I'm having goosebump all over! This Remix is Awesome! Congratz to the artists!
  4. Good lord, I do love so so so much Marshall Art. Personally I love how the guitar do step on the chiptune and vice versa, it gives a very post-apocaliptic sound to me Thanks to the post for making me discover DKC Mix't Ape '94. It's awesome. Congratz to you guys You are awesome paxl13
  5. Agree 100% with this It's indeed very sad that the 'trance' movement now has become the 'pop' music of EDM... I didn't want to sound pejorative in any way, it's just that it's no more underground and it's love by the mass, which is awesome for the artists! Anyway, /nerd out
  6. I'd say Trance more than house, but it's definitivly classic trance... Cheers
  7. Sooo Hyped for today Currently listening to the original OST to get me in the mood You guys are awesome
  8. Good Lord, Current in my second play through and honestly this is absolutely AWESOME. Thank you so much to everyone for this masterpiece!!! Cheers, paxl13
  9. This is absolute genius, had goosebump on the first listen. It is INSANE. AWESOME!!!
  10. Really nice medley! Will definitively be listening a lot more to this! You are awesome!
  11. Really nice remix, I was rally picturing an epic action movie trailer while listening to it! Congrats Paxl13
  12. Nice remix, I enjoyed it very much! The source isn't something I knew very well but I recognized none the less! Good work
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