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  1. Glad to hear! I have enabled "download" on soundcloud. Keep in mind that this is still WIP tho Although I pretty much consider this done I'll wait a couple of days for more feedback before marking this as "ready for review".
  2. Update: Back at it 4 months later xD Updated the post with the latest version
  3. Update: After a few days of resting my ears I had a short mixing session. Small tweaks here and there mostly to the low end. I also worked on the lead synth (near the end) and got pretty happy with it Thread is updated with the newest version of the mix.
  4. Update: I took this off "ready to review" after having listened to this a few days later. I'm not completely happy with the lead synth and decided to work on it a bit more
  5. Update: I've been mixing the song little by little and at this time it is quite different from my original upload so I've updated my original post with the latest version of the song. I feel like it's ready for review.
  6. Thanks for the feedback! I have updated my post with an updated version of the song. I also increased the tempo slightly.
  7. Zup humans! Been working on a remix of the underground theme from yoshi's island for the past 5 days. Its a WIP and I feel like my ears have become numb from listening to it for 5 days straight and I really need to hear what other people think about the mix and the arrangement. Original My remix, latest version
  8. This is on my master track; Req6 (EQ from waves) Miiinor minor adjustments. Barely hearable but adds to the track. LinMB(Multiband compressor from waves) L3-LL (Limiter from waves) I use this to push the track to 0db. Here is where I'm afraid I've pushed it too hard. This is the softest limiter I found in my vst-library. Is it "ok" to have a ceiling at -0.3db? It sounds cleaner at high volume but is that something that u normally do? I've listened to a lot of tracks that OCR accepted over the last year and I want to push the laudness to their level. I'm gonna try TLs-Pocket or if I can find another limiter from waves that is softer. If you raise the volume when listening to this track I think it kinda hurts your hears. About the bass, is it too laud in the low end? Or is it too laud in general? I like laud basses but I dont want it to bother others
  9. Thank you I realized one of the synth was turned of when I rendered so I've uploaded a new version once again. Here I took the opportunity to add a longer release on the bass for this upload. Not very much though, I will tweak more on the bass tomorrow (It's 4am in sweden atm) but I realised that I agree with you. Just don't know how much release yet. For those of you who want to hear the old bass the old version is on my profile. One of my concerns atm is that the track might be too laud caused by too hard limiting. Any thoughts about that? I'm worried about the kick being too hard too.
  10. I have uploaded yet another version of the track and I now feel that I've taken it as far as I can so I will change the status to "finished". Here it is. I would strongly suggest that you download for listening so that you can hear the song in it's full quality. It really sounds different in the high end frequencies. If you go to my profile you can listen to the old version too if you're interested.
  11. Thanks I have uploaded a new version of it. Here it is. I've never noticed it before but soundcloud really ruins the frequencies around 13k :S At least on this track. I've made it available for download now so you can listen in higher quality. I feel quite finished with it but i would really like some feedback on the mixing and arrangement stuff before I call it 100% finished. I'm afraid I've listened to this track so much that I'm pretty blind atm. Help a brother out
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