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  1. Gonna be honest, this makes me *really* want a Shovel Knight remix album. That game had a fantastic soundtrack and I know what I'm going to be playing tonight. EDIT: Seriously, does nobody want to know what XPRTNovice could do with "Spin Ye Bottle"? Nobody?
  2. What this even is it I don't. I can't, it's not. I don't think there's a coherent comment I can make on this. There is no praise high enough. OCRemix is over now, you can all go home.
  3. Absolutely fantastic. This is tear-your-mother's-face-off-and-feed-it-to-you metal, and it's what a final boss theme should BE. The soft opening gives it just enough nuance and character, and the build-up to that initial crash is done perfectly. The way the rhythm bass mimics the wind-up noise at the start is brilliant. Almost makes me want to play the game. Almost.
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