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  1. Indeed, several people have cleared a lot of things up that I was initially confused about. Liontamer, especially, has addressed ideas for future releases that specifically placate any suggestions I had. Thanks for the helpful responses
  2. I don't think tracks should be left out, just perhaps not all bonus extra courtesy special edition features should be in the official torrent. Though, I am definitely pleased that OCR started requiring artwork to be included. Also, for a couple of the projects, the homepage offers a couple different torrent flavors. Should OCR always host the catch-all version? Why?
  3. Fair enough. I'm sorry if I come across that way to you, it's simply how I try to present my thoughts online. The site will go on without me posting, the mixers will go on without my input, and I know that. I will still download the projects (I fully enjoyed listening to mp3 version of Missingno). I don't presume people should care what I have to say. But I saw something that bothered me a bit, not in a way that I was offended, but in a sort of OCD sense, and figured that perhaps someone (besides myself and Calatia from the review thread) might want to discuss the potential problems behind it
  4. Ok, I understand what you mean then.
  5. Ah, see, I admit I wasn't exactly sure if the same thing happened to audio that does with video. I kinda figured mp3 -> FLAC wouldn't introduce more artifacts, but I wasn't sure.
  6. Hey just so you know, you can edit/delete any posts of yours you aren't happy about :)

  7. So the concerns I had above are non-issues in the future? Ok. I suppose, then, I have no further grounds for argument. Only a suggestion that consistency be taken into regard in the future. I don't really know what to say to this, other than that I get the sense you didn't really 'get' what I was saying, much like Rozovian and Neblix. Just because the music on this site is free, I can't make suggestions? I can't try to constructively criticize someone's work unless I pay for the right to do so? Absurd.
  8. I know. This is actually the most reasonable response I have heard regarding this. I understand that, but I personally think they should have been left out of the torrent, and just available on the site. Alternatively, since the tracks are already lossy, there is nothing more lost by "upconverting" to FLAC. Just for consistency's sake? This also prevents future artifacts when, say, copying the files, or burning to a data cd to transfer the files, right? Several of the (FLAC) tracks on disc 2 do not play well with cd burners. I understand this, yes. I do realize mistakes get made, an
  9. I think this is a very poor attitude to take. Also contradictory to the position the site takes toward individual remixes, and removed tracks. OCR doesn't keep removed mixes in the torrents just because "you can choose not to download it". In fact, I prefer to deselect one of the formats in the torrent, so I don't have each track twice on my HDD. It seems unnecessary. I wouldn't have thought, after spending so much time working on the actual music, so little disregard would be given to the release. If it's just something extra and "You can choose not to download it." is the attitude, why not
  10. ---edit--- Liontamer's post (http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?p=758754#post758754) definitely addresses everything discussed in this thread so far. ---original for posterity's sake--- This was posted in the review thread for the latest album release, "Pokémon: The Missingno Tracks". Since I wanted to discuss this further, but not in relation to that specific album, here we are. This is troubling to me. Is there some set of guidelines for accepting an album to be posted on the site, similar to how individual mixes are judged? I mean, why include a FLAC folder if any of the tracks
  11. So, is the mp3 still outdated? Since we don't have the complete album in FLAC format, must we mix and match the two? Are there any others that are outdated in either version? I realize the wavs might not exist any more for some of the tracks to turn into true lossless FLAC, but wouldn't it be better to have a FLAC file converted from the mp3s in the "FLAC" folder? I usually pick only the FLAC folder when downloading the torrent, so I don't have redundant files, under the (reasonable) assumption that every track will be present within. I'd like to add my disappointment to how this was release
  12. Also keep in mind that wikipedia is not official in any way. Usually its just some person word-for-word pulling something from a fan site or official site.
  13. Tira NAMCO 2005 Tira, a 17 year old girl with unknown origins. The secret behind her birth may be a secret of the organization of assassins who raised her, but perhaps even they do not know. Whatever the case, she was taken in as a child to a group of assassins called the “Birds of Passage”, and they worked to shape the history of Europe from behind the scenes. Tira became accustomed to killing, to the point where she needed murder just for the stimulation it provided her. Tira always stayed cheerful through her ghastly assignments, as if she enjoyed them, but this was simply a way to hi
  14. Well. You guys did clear up things quite a bit. And yes, CS is longer than one CD, I did check this out (I like to do a little research so I don't sound like a complete moron more than I have to.)edit: the preceding text in parenthesis should be changed to the following- I have the eyesight of a cave salamander, and the brain capacity of one to boot. But but but, and I know this will likely just get me corrected more, let me say a few things. edit: whole section removed because of my stupidity Now, here is something you might want to consider. Those songs you told me were "Special Audition
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