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  1. Pretty boss wallpaper though I never use Winamp actually as I have several music players on my PC already. I used to, but after several pc crashes over the years I ended up just using Windows Media Player, iTunes or Quicktime for music files while still using good ol' Meridian Advance for NSF, SPC, GYM and GBS files. PS Sorry, didn't know this was an old thread, just wanted to comment on the wp
  2. Maybe it's just the fact that this was not only the 1st mp3 I downloaded off this site, but the 1st mp3 I've downloaded ever that makes this mix special; but I truly find nothing wrong with it. The lead sound is a little weird, like an overly-driven guitar or something, but otherwise, it's not bad IMO. 8/10
  3. To me, this started out like if Chocobo had a solo rpg, and that was the town theme. Then it started sounding like a JPop tune from a chocobo-oriented anime. I really like what came out here, good job! Don't you mean "not that it wasn't before"? Unless you ARE saying it wasn't awesome before... I digress.
  4. Oy, another remix of this song... but it's really good Yeah, the tones around 3:23 are pretty out-of-touch, along with several other places. It's still an improvement over the last one I heard on here.
  5. Welcome to the board, Nicholai I really like chiptune remakes of music(not already chiptuned of course), but this was extra special. It wasn't all 8-bit flat-synth waves, but it had some synth bell sounds too, and the rhythm... OOOOhhhh, I'm in love If I were to choose one, I would want a pop song to be remixed into a chiptune(like virt's thong song remake) Well, since it is videogames, I would want something from Final Fantasy 10. Some users on this board and others say that music from newer games can't be re-arranged to anything new, because they're already as good as they could get. So I say "de"mix them as chiptunes, lol! Also, I make original music on MIDI.... sorry, I've plugged this too much! *If you want to chat with me more about this, send me a private message... I don't get that many
  6. I agree with the above post. Dance music is supposed to be 4/4, while this song is 3/4. This happened with the ET theme also(albeit in a cheesier way than this song). What could've been done is turn the 3/4 rhythm to something of a 3-3-2 rhythm(in eighth notes), inside a 4/4 beat. Or, it could also be turned into triplets and have the 4/4 beat thrown into the middle of each. I have a cover of GooGoo Dolls' Iris(also mostly 3/4) that does this exact thing, and it works fine:) The opening synthes are there, and it has potential, but this remix just doesn't work. ...WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?!?!?! j/j (Just joshing)
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