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  1. Hardest fight ever? Would have to be the battle with (ultro's friend) the sneezy guy in the FF6 colloseum. Let see, the weapon to bet would be the 'Striker', and the prize would say '?????'. I couldnt resist that offer, could '?????' be the ultimate weapon in the game? So a friend and I spent DAYS battling that damned thing. I mustve had Terra up to lv.99 with a genji glove, gauntlet, and the illumina+atma weapon, and he would keep fricken sneezing her away! Then we finally beat it, but were very disappointed when the prize we got for betting the Striker was ..... a Striker. also -- 4 Fire Shields + Merton = Ownage.
  2. Great stuff! I'm so overjoyed to see another Star Ocean mix on OC'd Remix. Nothing beats Sakurabas Theme of RENA (Arranged), but this one comes close, quite a feat considering that most of Sakuraba's work seems very hard to mix. I'd like to see more SO2 mixed, the boss battle theme would make a great mix because there's so much stuff you can do with it. Please do more Star Ocean 2!
  3. Absolutely Amazing.... Star Ocean 2 has always been my favorite game, and Sakuraba my favorite composer. This song is incredibly beautiful, Its been awhile since an OCRemix struck a chord like 'Another Inspiration' did by Peeples. I wish more OCR composers would add to this already moving soundtrack. Dale! Please do Nede!
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