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  1. I think the hardest boss in recent memory is probably the Fusion Dragon from Golden Sun. I spent more time on that then any other boss i have faced in any game... even Chrono Trigger
  2. here is a question that has probably been asked before, but I'm going to ask it anyway... Is there anyway to change tempo in diffrent song parts? i am making a remix, and i want the first part faster that the second part. Any help is apppreciated.
  3. Selecta Novel... what can i say. This is probably one of the worst remixes i have heard. The baseline is repetitive, the notes are off, and i didn't really like the whole execution. It was a great idea, but a poorly executed one. Good try.
  4. Really good job djpretzel. The drum beats were really enjoyable, although the theme of the song kind of changed near the end. Other than that, i thought it was very good. Keep up the awesome work.
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