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  1. I just gotta say, this is one of the my favorite songs I've ever had the luck to listen to from this sweet site. Thanks again for all the hard work!
  2. Jeez, I just noticed that I have not commented on this song! I was among those that requested the final version of this song a long time ago, and before that eagerly awaited each update. It is damn catchy, that is what I have to stress. I normally need to be pretty hammered to want to dance, but this song makes me want to bust a move and stuff. . .
  3. I also enjoyed this one in the WIP forum. I like how the beginning of the song does a great job of setting the mood for the entire song. I'd have to say my favorite part comes around 2:29 when Celes's theme kicks in. I think that is the most beautiful part of the whole song. This is a throughly excellent concoction of musical goodness. Thank you Maestrodeclure for sharing your skills, seriously.
  4. Damn it couldn't you have waited a week or two before putting this song in the WIP forum? I've been jamming to this song ever since I first heard it, and hence have had the damn thing in my head for EVERY DAMN FINAL I have taken at school!!! I had a song by Sadorf (Ecco 2 Medusa Mix) from the WIP forum in my head last time I took finals as well! Ahh well. 'Tis a pleasant thing really. Good work on this song by the way, if I can have a song in my head for like a week and not be disgruntled about it--then I know the song truly rules. Thanks for sharing your musical wealth,
  5. The complete mood and essence of the game is captured in this remix! I truly appreciate such goodness to be found on OCR. Thanks, Starblaze, for such a meaningful interpretation of the song!
  6. I'd just like to declare that this is a great song. I appreciate damn near all of it, and wish to thank Kaijin for this goodness. I'd love to be able to criticize it a bit, but it is far too difficult to think of bad things while listening to it. Thanks for the great remix!
  7. I'm a big sucker for tunes that'll stick in my head--I love the melody that joins the gathering of goodness around :32 into it. I realize what I am writing right now doesn't do a whole lot in the way of trying to suggest things to make it better so....ummmm.. I agree with some of the other posts that the fade out ending doesn't seem to fit with the song well. Could you have tried slowing things up a bit towards the end? I understand that songs that fadeout at the end sort of give the impression that it could go on and indefinitely (just like the overrall excellentness of Chrono Cross, by the way) Good work, I like this one a lot.
  8. The pace of the song is held just right. I'm not really sure if video-game music is intended to sound this good! From the 2 minute mark is where I think it reallly shines the most--it conveys an incredible amount of feeling. Very good piano work I must say--makes me want to learn to play piano so I could try stuff like this. . .
  9. I am quite the big fan of pieces that maintain just enough of the original melody but still go on to be very unique. You are a very good piano player; knowing that you improvised this is damn incredible. Thanks for the great song--I look forward to your next release with a whole lot of eagerness Great ending also, by the way.
  10. It maintains just enought of the central melody to be pretty delicious. The ethnic flavor of the instruments used to sing the main melody are an interesting choice as well. Even like the stereo effect of the drum samples--listening to this on a Pro-Logic II system is rather cool. I like how the song sounds so urgent at the beginning, then around two and a half minutes into it it slows down a bit with the main melody hidden no very far beneath. Very good stuff, Israfel!
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