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  1. I liked it. I'd like to hear more songs like this, actually. 10/13 (I'm biased towards FF6)
  2. Still more proof that Mega Man 3 had the greatest music of all the Mega Man games. 12/13
  3. I found this on KazaA, which lead me to OCR. Very nice. One of my personal favorites. 12/13
  4. It seemed nice, but it felt like it was lacking something . . . As for the Salsa, it's technically the SaGa series, and the capital G in that font looks like ls. Overall, I liked teh Remix, just not the best I've heard here . . . I'm trying to make it sound positive, but it feels like all my descriptions have a negative twist . . . I liked it. It was good. Somethign about it seemed wrong, but didn't detract from the song. Or something to that effect.
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