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  1. Hi! I have made a new remix of Chemical Plant Zone from Sonic 2 on one of my new Synthesisers. Pretty much it's my first time using a real live Synth and I've been remixing tracks and recording my own original material as well as I pretty much usually stick to Keyboards. This current remix I made is from Sonic the Hedgehog 2 of Chemical Plant Zone. I decided i'd like to share it with the site. I recorded all of this in just one take, so I understand there needs to be room for improvement although I like the overall track. I will need to record the drums again, and I may have to re-record a few things as well as add in extra detail. I'd also really like to hear what you all think of the current version and If I need any improvements or whatever please feel free to give me feedback, I can take it. I am looking forward to hearing your suggestions about further improving this track and please enjoy it if possible. Also if there are any more instruments you want in this I will be happy to include. Thanks ! *UPDATE* I have an updated re recorded version here with a whole bunch of added material, it sounds more exciting than the original version I remixed, enhanced melody,, added extra harmony, even re-recorded the drums and added an orchestral section!
  2. AzureHedgehog

    I can't make new topics in the WIP section

    Thank you. I'll keep looking, maybe I did miss it. I'll see how it goes
  3. Now watch and learn, here's the deal I can't post topics in the WIP section on the forums, but I can post anywhere else! I am wanting to share a new remix I am currently working on and would love feedback/etc for improvements but I can't post new topic does not show up anywhere for me. I'm kind of new at this is there something I just haven't noticed? Thanks. -)
  4. Yes Hello folks I have done a remix / re-arrangement of a track from Super Mario 64 for no apparent reason. comments, criticisms and mindless bashings are very welcome. i would like some feedback on this please. i will add more instruments in over time. i hope you enjoy it [live instruments btw not electronic at all oh no I promise]
  5. AzureHedgehog

    OC ReMix Presents Super Mario 64: Portrait of a Plumber!

    This is the best OC Remix album i've heard in a while, great job. I thought All tracks were enjoyable.
  6. AzureHedgehog

    finished Icy Nights [Sonic 3]

    Wellity well. This my friends is NOT a Trance Remix of Ice Cap Zone. A rare addition for OC Remix, (Don't worry I read all the rules first) - but I decided to upload it here on the forums if anything needs to be fixed up or cleaned out, I made the quality as best as I could. I originally had a longer version of this remix with an extra added piano intro and some unnecessary middle section, that needed to be fixed up or cut out, so i cut it out. This is the Final (or OC Remix) version of this remix. I couldn't keep it on Mediafire because that's not working for me today and finding other websites gave me a brain cramp to upload mp3 files on, but then I remembered "hey! I have a Soundcloud account!" So here it is. Feed back is welcome.
  7. Hello! My name is AzureHedgehog, I have been a visitor to OC Remix (a "lurker" you should say) for years, geez since 2001 I think. Here I am decided to join the forums now to start a serious project in making remixes and sending them in, I think I have the courage to do it now. By the way, you guys may remember me from a certain Sonic Stadium Message board........(I am the same AzureHedgehog there). I hope I can provide good quality sounds for your ear's emotional pleasures. Oh and i'd love to see what other people are remixing too and am happy to give feedback. I'm not mean. Don't worry about that. I love Sonic, Mario, and a whole bunch of video games including the old stuff, and new stuff, anything in between. I also love to support the video game music industry and purchase music CDs online all the time every few weeks for my own enjoyment and collection that I love to use and build.