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  1. This is just a rendering of a cheesy midi I made ages ago, so I'm not looking to improve it. Happy holidays guise, another good year for music and OCR. https://soundcloud.com/money_begone/snow-gallop-legend-of-zelda-theme-x-mas-remix
  2. I was kinda thinking the same. For me it's because the snare/backbeat here occurs on every other beat instead of (a half beat) after every beat, as would be normal in electroswing and jazz. Effectively halves the perceived tempo. But I assume that was intentional, and it still sounds great.
  3. Thanks for the advice guise... still needs work, bit I added a few small variations and things, and pads in a couple of places (link updated). BTW the kick thing was a side effect the stereo effect I'm using. I think it's mostly gone now. Also, I'm reading up on compression atm... been putting that off way too long.
  4. I've been playing with this for several weeks so my ears are totally biased... anyone have suggestions for improvement or observations? https://soundcloud.com/money_begone/is-the-room-spinning-or-is-it-just-me-wip-v11-mega-man-3-top-man-remix
  5. Nice one, but it does get a little repetitive. You've got plenty of drum, bass and melody, so I think what's missing is some background rhythm/harmony, e.g. arpeggios. You could also change the lead instrument at some point in the track, maybe with some little melody variations, or in a higher octave. Just keep playing with it.
  6. Hey fellas, just got "finished" with this, but I could use some critique at this point. I feel like there might be a couple of spots left where it sounds kind of dissonant (in a bad way), but I can't really tell anymore. Any suggestions or observations would be helpful. https://soundcloud.com/money_begone/i-kinda-just-saved-the-world-v11-wip-mega-man-4-ending-remix-trip-hop-downtempo-chillout
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cLd_mdXBjz8 Jolly Ol' Spekkio
  8. Sounds good, keep at it. More of a cover than a remix, but that's cool. The only tip I can think of is to mess with the release slider for the lead synth to give it some release instead of having it abruptly stop at the end of the note. It would fit better with the whole echo-y thing you have going.
  9. Thanks for the very helpful feedback. Working on all points. The piano soundfont definitely has issues (I didn't touch the EQ on it yet), though the others I tried sounded more fake, usually being too bright or tinny. Does anyone know of any piano sf's that do softer notes well? Feels like they're all sampled from someone hitting piano key with a sledgehammer.
  10. OMFG THANK YOU. This is exactly the soundfont I've always wanted but could never find. I'll play with it later... for now, I edited the OP with an updated version of the remix. I definitely prefer piano now that I put some effort into velocities etc. Thanks for the nudge, gercr.
  11. Thanks for the feedback fellas. Definitely hear you on the piano thing--I was debating using a regular piano instead of elec piano for the lead keyboard, but it sounded really mechanical and empty. But I guess that was mainly because I didn't bother messing with note lengths/velocities or adding any extra notes, so I'm gonna give it another shot. TBH I'm not in love with the lead elec piano soundfont, but somehow it still sounded better than the many others I tried. The bass is the acoustic bass from the "all in one GM v1.1 bank" sf2 that I downloaded from hammersound (free).
  12. Hey all. Made this with FL. Any and all feedback/thoughts would be appreciated on how to improve it or what you'd change, no matter how minor. How are the track volumes/panning/EQ sounding on your speakers? EDIT: newer version with lead baby grand and more notes https://soundcloud.com/jeff-faust-1/coinsongremixpiano3 older version with lead e. piano https://soundcloud.com/jeff-faust-1/chance-aint-always-chance
  13. This is really cool. One of the standout tracks of Balance and Ruin for me, if not my favorite. It made me imagine a full-grown Relm stylishly walking into the room when I first heard it.
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