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  1. I will have something sooner, I'm just delaying a bit because I don't want to put something sub par out. Really trying to make this hit hard.
  2. so I started working on this today and I am actually meshing hsien ko's theme and the stage music together. Is that ok? I think it's coming out pretty awesome. I'll have a wip sometime in october
  3. This may be cheesy and I'm sure most of you have seen this but I feel this video is very true. The most important thing is to not quit and be honest with yourself. If you're not happy with your production, ask for help, and take the time to learn and practice applying your new skills. Music and composition are always a learning process. The more you know, the more you don't know. Just keep at it!
  4. not sure what you guys are looking for, but I'm just about done with this mega man 3 spark man remix. Going to do a few more revisions.
  5. I found the sour notes and believed I remedied them. I guess I went a little too original this time? I guess I'll cut the difference and see what I can do to keep it 50/50. Going to work right now to see what I can come up with. Going to be one of those late nights
  6. Very nice work. Are you using a different snare at the beginning and at 1:15? I really like the way the snare sounds at 1:15, but at the beginning it doesn't feel like it completely fits. There's also a frequency in the clap at the beginning that was a tad sharp in my headphones. Really liked that wobble at 2:52 to lead into the drop. You have some awesome ideas when it comes to using fx. I see now what you're trying to get me to do. What do you use to make your leads?
  7. Ok, so I made changes and here is my 2nd revision. Let me know what you think. I still kept the first half of the first drop plain, and then I build on it. so let me know if that still bugs you. After that part though I use a lot of stuff to fill the gaps. hopefully the next revision will be the last. Let me know what you all think.
  8. I don't know, it was just an idea. My thought were just as cheesy. Like "Greetings from Makai" or "Makai Music Incorporated". My other equally bad ideas were "Monster Mash" and "Demon Dance Party". Lol, either way, may I reserve Vanity Paradise? My friend is a Marvel Lei Lei player and asked me to do her theme. I didn't want to deal with the voices though so I am opting to do that instead. cool?
  9. Really dug this track! The call and response is always such a catchy concept. How do you make all your stuff? I want to mess around with 8bit sounds
  10. whew, a lot to take in. Thanks for all the notes though. Time to get back to work! I will work on some textures and diversity. I really enjoyed those tracks you linked Timaeus222. Complextro is always awesome to hear. As far as the repetitiveness goes though....... I just enjoy that damn melody so much. haha. I've seriously jammed this while I'm working multiple times So my apologies, I'm just going to have to do my best to make it my own. I'm determined to get this one released! Hopefully I can get something chalked up in the next day or so.
  11. very cool arrangement. very easy to listen to. I dug the horns a lot and the doo wop vocals
  12. I was actually going to put pitch bended notes at 45 and 49, but I ended up liking the pause better. I know the end transition is weird, but I kind of like it for whatever reason. Also, it's trap, not dubstep. I might change up the kit to have a hip hot kit, but I honestly felt like it didn't sound bad. I still might change it. not sure. As always, thanks for your input. Your idea really brought that second build to another level.
  13. So this is pretty much the finished product, may tweak it a bit more as I feel like the sub is just a bit too loud. How do I get the thread changes from WIP - MR? Also here is the new link. Tell me what you all think!
  14. I changed up the second drop quite a bit. It was a copy and paste drop when I posted it. I am trying to make my leads change slightly to keep it sounding fresh. I will hopefully post up the finished copy on monday. thanks for your input