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  1. isk, the original melody is called "June Mermaid". Many people acclaim that melody as one of the better ones in Xenogears, but I've never really taken to it. Funny that I absolutely adore this remix though, great job! My one gripe is the part at the end, with the abrupt change in melody. I know that in the original, the abruptness was what made the piece so transcendental, but a lead in wouldn't have hurt, especially since the other parts of the song flowed so well.
  2. I've had this played on loop for like, 10+ times now. The arrangement is fantastic... each one of those segments would have made a great remix... esp the last segmant lol. Alot of people complain about the talent show theme, but i think that there was simply not enough lyrics, nor enough from the original melody to stretch out into a full length song. Keep in mind that the original song Gato sang was only 20 or so seconds. and once again, awesome job with the arrangement, I'll wager that it was most likely Dale that did it. Love your work, dude.
  3. This song is amazing. I especially love the low, rich bass and the reverb piano.
  4. Good grief Marc you are the MAN! I also loved your crossfire remix! Woo! But is anyone else hearing the popping sounds coming off the flute? Like those sounds you get when you do a low quality compression on a song? I heard this on his chronocross remix too.
  5. wow i really like this song! especially the tempo change part - it makes me piss in my pants. enjoy this song responsibly whilst driving.. oh man.
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