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  1. Is this where we ask questions? If so i have one About the TMNT album, will you be doing any remixes of the 2003 TMNT Games?
  2. Bump so we can get this song a remix.
  3. If you need a male singer i could do it! I know these songs by heart!
  4. Sonic adventure, Knuckles chaotix or sonic R
  5. I would love some one to remix titanic tower act 2 from sonic before the sequel, it has this 80's drum beat that would be perfect for a techno or glitch hop remix, Here is the song itself
  6. One of my favorites from the game, Not to many remixes of that on the net so an OC remix would be amazing!
  7. I love the soundtrack! The album has so many great tracks like Time keeper and the future is bright but it falls short with to many vocal tracks One of my favorites is quadrant of rock but halfway through the song they throw an unneeded F Bomb Over all this album is good there could be a few more remixes for some levels (Stares at Quartz quadrant JP) But its still a good album!
  8. Toy Story 2 The game has an amazing soundtrack, just listen to this song or this one I would love for some one to do a remix of one of the songs, or even a whole album for this amazing soundtrack!
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