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  1. Here is a song from a series well known for its great music, I have never heard anyone talk about this song. It has a very aquatic ambiance feel yet does something different with it. I would love to hear some one remix this! here is a link to the original,
  2. Toy Story 2 Buzz Lightyear to the rescue is a very underrated 3D platformer with an amazing soundtrack, One of my favorite tunes is from the Andy's Neighborhood level. I would love to hear it get a remix, here is a link to the song.
  3. Ignore that last comment I listened to the original and your remix is prominent with the main melody. I just can't wait to hear more WIP's!
  4. Sounds great! The main melody could be a little more prominent but still you did an amazing job on it!
  5. This is one of the most underrated themes in mario games. The ending theme of super mario bros 3 is great! While the first part is just a bland remix of another song the rest is amazing and I would love to see someone remix this song! Maybe throw in a bit of the staff roll theme from super mario 64 aswell. Here is the link to the song
  6. Bumping to get this song a remix!
  7. I usually dislike OC remixes with lyrics but this is just beautiful. Its capture's the essence of the original song but adds new twists! Also no Vulgar so that is a plus. Finally being a christian the lyrics in this song have a christian undertone. This song is one of my favorites!
  8. There is barley any remixes of this song. i know there is some on the album but i would love to hear some more! i could see this being a good techno or dance remix but any remix type would be awesome! Source
  9. While i cannot make any remixes. i would like to suggest some tracks for remixing. Maybe metallic madness "G" Mix JP From Sonic CD or Aquarium park from sonic colors.
  10. I absolutely love this song! I could see this getting an awesome house or techno remix! Here is a link to the song.
  11. Okay i have a question for you guys! What tips would you give to a person who want to start making Game remixes, what programs would you recommend and what tools and instruments would you suggest learning.
  12. Question for you guys. Would you guys accept a remix from a fan game example sonic after the squeal.
  13. I know this is a very surprising request, but i would like some one to remix this song from the upcoming game Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. While we don't know what the song is called at the moment the song when downloaded from the site is titled, "Fall Alps" If this song were to be remixed before the release date of the game it would be the first remix from a game that had not been released yet! so that should be a motive maker. Here is a link to the song. This song resembles the track Rockface Rumble (GBA Version) Which was also made by David wise!Edit* The game is out and the song's real name is windmill hills, also here is a better quality source
  14. Last question for the night, How did you guys find out about OCremix.
  15. Well now that i know that they are answering question from this forum i have a better question. Do you think we will be seeing any more Scott pilgrim remixes? Sorry if i am asking a bunch of questions.
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