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  1. I lurk a lot but I had this question and thought to myself "I should probably ask OCRemix!" So I do an internet radio show that discusses video games but I also play video game music. It doesn't make money. I've received permissions from various composers to play their music but my broadcasting mentor and some others are helping me move to a place where I can make money. Money complicates things and I figure it's time to look into licensing (for example, Sumthing allows me to play any of their music as long as my show doesn't make money. I don't want the deal to end so I want to propose logical payment for songs I use). I've googled how licensing works for radio stations and there's a lot of talk about mainstream labels with BMI, ASCAP, and SESAC. If I'm not mistaken, I'm not sure if video game music is with any of these organizations outside of big names like Hans Zimmer or Austin Wintory (only his Journey soundtrack is affiliated with ASCAP). And with the death of Live365, things get that much more complicated. For those not associated with BMI, ASCAP, SESAC, SoundExcchange, or SOCAN, are there groups video game composers are affiliated with than handle licensing for internet radio?
  2. I'm not sure if I ever posted here but I am new and I am saying hello... from the other side. I couldn't help myself.
  3. I haven't finished the album but I'm super impressed by this album. I had to play songs on my radio show because they're so good. And now? Now...Dear Lord I'm stuck on Late Night Lindblum. Oh. My. God. The drums on this track are astonishing in its simplicity. And the entire track rarely continues one motif in the exact same way. It represents the Worlds Apart theme. And. Those. Drums. Definitely giving this song love on my show tomorrow. Those drums... The pocket... I know it's all electric but Mattias made them feel so good. I want to cover this track badly. Sorry. Just mouth-watering. Someone's got to relate.
  4. Oh okay. Never saw that note. Was it in game or online somewhere? But I guess that makes sense. Still doesn't seem like a good solution for those times when people vastly outvote something.
  5. The Splatfest was pretty fun. I wanted to play more but my wife and I already had plans for the day. Only got to play nine matches and won eight of them. Felt pretty good about that. I chose Team Dog and got matched against another Team Dog a few times, which was weird. Not sure if that happened with the cat lovers. But it was fun. Just a fun, simple game altogether.
  6. Hello all. Long time, first time. Been lurking for years but I guess I felt this was the right time to actually post (I've been registered since Jan 2014). I'm a musician but don't make remixes. I'm also a radio host. Looking to enjoy the community first hand!
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