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  1. I like it, I loved the track in the game, but it just seems to me that the flute is going a tad too fast when its introduced. Could be just me.
  2. Hardest boss would have to be in ninja gaiden 2, and its actually that STRING of bosses you fight at the end. Its so insane, no wonder they give you a life up after every stage
  3. I dont see what every loves about this song... personally I hate it. The idea was nice, a solo guitar with some backup instruments, but then it gets to the singing. No, the guys voice is not bad, its the lyrics. They're way too sappy. Imagine putting every song about love into a machine that compresses it into one song. This is just it. I know what you're thinking now, "It says love song in the title, doofus", yes it does, and i'm sure its jsut me, but 7 minutes of this? Come on now people. Either i'm missing something or you're all just suckers for flowery wording
  4. I'd really like to hear the lyrics on this great mix. I've enjoyed all your lyrical work so far, so keep them coming.
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