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  1. This is an amazing album, hats off to all the collaborators and anyone who helped. Just a lot of really well produced and complex takes on some beautiful tracks. Looking forward to the other releases in this series for sure.
  2. Great theme and absolutely fantastic rendition. The koto is sublime and fits the theme perfectly.
  3. Awesome metal rendition of this song. I think it really captures the dark nature of the theme.
  4. Absolutely brilliant. It's an amazing melody, very nostalgic and sweet. A very emotional piece indeed, conveyed masterfully.
  5. I love it! I'm always on the lookout for more FF7 remixes. Very well done and true to the original. I also love being able to see you all play at the same time, very cool!
  6. Never played this game but this is a really fun remix. Great work.
  7. Really love this solo piano arrangement. It's one of those pieces that's so good I don't need to know the original to enjoy it.
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