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    I'm just some guy who loves composing and wants to conquer the world... with his music.
    I love to play older games. That's why my favorite consoles are the PS1 and the Gamecube. I preferably play JRPGs as well as weird and surreal games like Yume Nikki or LSD Dream Emulator.
    I'm also kind of an otaku and listen to a lot japanese music and love to watch anime.
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    Tim Reichert

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  1. I like most of it. There are two things though which sound off to me. The violin which starts playing at 0.29 and 1.36 doesn't really fit in in my opinion. It's mostly the sound of it. And the last note of the piece is also quite sudden. Fading it out may have been a better choice. Maybe I'm just imagining things but was this piece inspired by Irish music? Could be that it only seems like this to me because I've listened to some Irish music yesterday. Anyway, keep up the good work!
  2. Greetings! Here's a chiptune piece which I made a while ago: I would love to get some feedback!
  3. Because I always want to improve myself I decided to ask for feedback on another piece. You can find it here: https://soundcloud.com/fulminis-ictus/virtuoso The name of the piece is virtuoso because the violin plays a virtuosic part. At least it's pretty fast at some points so it shouldn't be so easy to play. I can't paly the violin myself so I cannot be too sure. I'm looking forward to reading honest feedback
  4. I gotta say that the beginning reminded me a lot of this piece: Is it just coincidence or did this song actually inspire you? The first positive thing I noticed was that the instruments are fitting quite good to a forest. And the strings sound nice as well. I especially like the melodical part around 1.04. The flute at 0.27 is a little too quite though in my opinion. It should be louder because it's playing the melody but the piano is actually almost louder than the flute at this part. The transition at 2.03 felt kinda abrupt as well. Maybe inserting a part where the piano, the chimes (?) and the violin play calmer than in the part before (like in 0.39) and then fading into the piano and chimes part would make it sound smoother.
  5. I like this track a lot! I don't have much experience with DnB but the Chiptune aspects sound really nice. The part around 2.07 is my favorite one because of the powerful melody. Probably because I'm a fan of melody-heavy pieces. The more silent part around 1.38 made it also more diversified which is also a good point. Some little things sounded still a little off though. Like the noise at 0.15/0.16. It's too loud in my opinion. I didn't really like the interruption at 3.00 that much as well. That's what I think at least. But I still liked it all in all. It was totally worth working on it even if it was a nightmare^^
  6. Here's my piece "Darkest Dream". You can listen to it over here: https://soundcloud.com/fulminis-ictus/dunkelster-traum-darkest-dream This piece was composed for a video game which was cancelled. So the ending is kind of abrupt because it would normaly loop back to the beginning after finishing. It was supposed to play during the fight against the last boss, a gigantic black dragon. I'm looking forward to reading your feedbacks!^^
  7. Sounds pretty good and they seem to be very atmospheric and fitting for a short film. Too bad they are so short (or are they only that short because you can only listen to previews on bandcamp? Never listened to pieces on bandcamp before) and thus don't have much variety. But nevertheless "Solitude" would be my favorite piece from the album. This kind of buildup sounds nice. Starting with one hand playing a small melody and then adding more instrumental voices. Well, the rest was kinda basic. I may have been able to give some more feedback to the ambient pieces but they are too short for me to say much to them. I guess these pieces were for some kind of horror or drama movie, weren't they? Too bad that I suck at french. I may have watched the short movie otherwise^^
  8. Hello! I just decided to register myself on this forum but I have known OC Remix for a while now. I'm not mainly a remixer though. Most of the time (actually daily) I compose. But I'm also capable of remixing. You'll probably only see me in the "Post Your Original Music!" threads. But I'm going to upload some of my Yume Nikki remixes too. I just sent one in and I hope it will get approved. I'm not a native speaker by the way so it could be that I will make some grammatical or spelling mistakes. I apologize in advance. More 'bout myself: Well, I guess I'm kind of an otaku. I love listening to japanese music and watching anime as well as playing JRPGs. I can play the tenorhorn (haven't found another translation for this instrument as of today), guitar, piano and flute and I'm trying to improve my composition skills so that I can earn money with composing one day. Well, that's about it. Have a nice day ~Fulminis