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  1. the unbiased reviewer gives this selection a 9.5/10. this song is so bad-ass it will make you crap your pants. after listening to this remix, it instantly reminded me off the days when i played the game as a ROM. anyone who has played the game will instantly remember this melody. this song contains a lot of bass which will shake the paint off your walls. the main theme is held very strongly for two solid rotations. at around 3:00, the ending to the songs starts with some high speed synth arpegios and sinks into a fade out. this song is never gets old, and its here to stay.
  2. the unbiased reviewer gives this selection a 8/10. like the title implies, it is sometime one would hear at the beach. its a great upbeat and chipper mix which a nice layer of drum parts and a piano as well. the crowd cheers are also good as well. i think its a tad on the long side (4:39) , but its still very good. the strings that come in at 1:05 sound very midi-ish. it sounds just like the strings from my midi program. none the less, it is still an excellent mix. i will definitely listen to this over and over again.
  3. the unbiased reviewer gives this selection a 8/10. i own sonic and knuckles and the game is one of the many joys of sega's later years. the most significant change present is the drumming. the original song did not have nearly as complex drumming as malcos put into his remix. it really gives the song some beat. but i also don't remember choir voices in the original music. i thought this was a awesome addition by malcos. when the choir voices pop in (1:05), the drumming stops and the melodies sticks out. don't expect anything far out with this remix. it stays awesomely true to the original piece. with so many remixes going their own direction and distorting the song so it is nice to listen to this.
  4. the unbiased reviewer give this selection a 9.5/10. i loved the lightning star level in Sonic. so of course i remember the music. the orignal music was a slow swing beat which was good. but here comes JAXX with some electric guitars and some nasty jazz and totally kicks some serious ass. this is amazing, the beginning is hardcore elect guitar stumming. then he smacks you in the face with some slow jazz at 1:20. i thought the end of the song was a little abrupt and quick but it does the job. the beginning is also abrupt. there is no definite intro, it just jumps into the elect guitar which can be either good or bad. all i can say is, this song is too short. after i was done listening, i was begging for more.
  5. the unbiased reviewer gives this selection a 9/10. i am a huge sonic fan, but i have never played sonic CD. i didnt particularly like the intro but i loved the synth effects. when the remix really captures my attention was during the 55' second. after that, i was all ears. the song is mostly synths, there is some piano, drums and sax but nothing as far as my knowledge (which isnt much). i have to say, i thought the song was on the short side, but then maybe a third repetition would have been too long. kudos to gecko yamori. i love the remixer's name too. sounds like a japanese amphibian.
  6. the unbiased reviewer gives this selection a 9.5/10. i was curious how someone could take the cave theme of yoshi's island and turn it into a good remix. some songs are harder to turn into remixes than others. this surprised me with its level of deph. its nice to here something other than techno but its good that the piano was accompanied by drums. this remix serves its justice.
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