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  1. @Cosmic Prism I'm assuming you found an album cover artist, but in case you did not, I've been scanning this forum a couple times a year looking for projects that are nearing completion that need an artist. (It's hard to hit that window, because projects often go silent for long periods then suddenly pop up near finished.) Most of my recent art is American animation style, but I can (and have) absolutely do anime style if you prefer that over my normal style. And I'm very familiar with a bunch of Shonen Jump properties. https://www.deviantart.com/shellpresto/gallery/
  2. Sounds good to me. I'd be more than happy to do a polished piece for a CD cover and/or profile. If you'd like all the profile pics done by a single artist and you wouldn't mind them looking less polished (for example, in my ballpoint pen style or just pencils with photo BG) I'd also be up for that. I'm also pretty flexible with style. If you want my normal house style (which makes up the majority of my drawings), I can certainly do that, or if you want it to lean more toward, say, particular Castlevania style like Symphony of the Night's style, or like the new anime, or... uh.
  3. Howdy! I'm a longtime OC listener, lurker, and (more importantly) an artist. I check out the boards periodically looking for an album theme that speaks to me and actually looks like it'll be completed. I like Castlevania and pro wrestling, and you folks look like you've made major headway toward a release. So... have you folks secured an artist yet? (I'll be happy to elaborate on what I can do if you still need an artist, but don't want to waste all our time with a long description if it's already taken. But here's my gallery, in case you want to be sure I have some chops: https://shellpr
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